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analogue study
Experimental conditions are a facsimile of the clinical situation
functional analysis
clarifies the nature of the target behavior, also the antecedents and the consequences (ABC)
experimental neurosis
results from difficult discriminations
Wolpe’s reciprocal inhibition
pairs anxiety with relaxation or other incompatible and more adaptive response.
flooding /in vivo exposure with response prevention
person is immersed in the fear reflex until the fear itself fades away. Some phobic reactions are so strong that flooding must be done through one's imagining the phobic stimulus, rather than engaging the phobic stimulus itself.
Treatments based on ____ pair a maladaptive behavior with an incompatible response in order to eliminate the former
First used systamatic desensitization
What is theorized to underly systematic desensitization?
counterconditioning. But research suggests that extinction rather than counterconditioning may actually be responsible for the beneficial effects of _________________.
Directed therapeutic exposure
developed as a treatment for PTSD and involves pairing images of intrusive scenes with relaxation.
Components of Assertiveness training
relaxation training, modeling, and behavioral rehearsal
steps of systematic desensitization
1) relaxation training , (2) establishing an anxiety hierarchy of the stimuli involved, and (3) counter-conditioning relaxation as a response to each feared stimulus beginning first with the least anxiety-provoking stimulus and moving through the hierarchy until all of the items have been dealt with successfully
sensate focus
a behavior sex therapy (counterconditioning) that pairs anxiety-evoking sexual situations with pleasurable physical sensations and relaxation.
Assertive counterconditioning
(aversion therapy) that pairs target behavior or stimulus associated with it with a stimulus that naturally evokes an unpleasant response.
most effective "Flooding/in vivo exposure with response prevention"
more effective when exposure session are are massed (long and continuous) rather than spaced.
Assumption of flooding
avoidance reinforces phobic behavior and prevents extinction
one is trained to substitute a relaxation response for the fear response in the presence of the phobic stimulus. Relaxation is incompatible with feeling fearful or having anxiety, so it is said that the relaxation response counters the fear response
extinction burst
occurs when extinguishing a previously reinforced behavior (think elevator button)