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What is the difference between the Brain and the mind?
the brain is tangible and stores info and the mind is where your thoughts occur
Who was Paul Mclean?
Said that the mind doesnt fully develop until you are in your mid 20's. He believed int he evolution of the brain.
Evolution of the brain came in 3 stages, what are they?
hindbrain, neocortex, and the limbic system
what is involved with the hindbrain?
"The Reptilian brain" It is used for survival. Covers breathing, and reflex
What does the Neocortex do?
Your left & right brain that transmits and recieves (has 4 lobes)
What are the 4 lobes?
Occipital, Pariental, Temporal, and Frontal
What is involved with the limbic system?
Hormones & feelings
What is the multi-sensory approach?
The process of using more than one senses to learn
The Cognitive Learning Style consists of 3 , what are they?
Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic
What did Howard Gardner believe in?
8 different forms of intelligence
What are the 8 different forms of intelligence?
verbal,musical, logical, visual, bodily, natural, interpersonal, and intrapersonal
If your interpersonal, you are:
If you are intrapersonal you are?
into your self
What 25 year experiment did Walter Mischel do?
the Marshmellow theory
What did the marshmellow theory prove?
instant or delayed gratification
Ivan Pavlov is responsible for
Classic Conditioning
What theory did William Glassercome up with?
The Choice theory
what was th choice theory?
Quality of life vs. Reality
Self Control is important because?
impulse control
harvard grad Walter Cannon came up with what idea after working wiht vets from WW2?
fight or flight
How to overcome your fear:
decide what frighens you, manage impulses,and find benefits