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In its resting state, a neuron is said to be
Na+ ions are continuously forced into neurons by
Their high external concentration and the negative resting potential
Hyperpolarization is to depolorization as
Inhibitory is to excitatory
Which has the most influence on whether or not a neuron fires?
Synapses on its cell body near the axon hillock
The wave of absolute refractoriness which follows an action potential
Keeps the action potential from spreading actively back down an axon towards the cell body
Conduction of action potentials in myelinated axons
is faster than in unmyelinated axons
Axodendritic synapses
Are common, and often terminate on dendritic spines
Neurotransmitter release occurs through the process of
In comparison to metabotropic receptors, ionotropic receptors produce effects that
Develop more rapidly and are less diffuse
Autoreceptors are commonly found in
Presynaptic membranes
After release, neurotransmitters are deactivated in the synapse by
Reuptake and enzymatic degradation
The enzyme whose function is to deactivate a specific neurotransmitter once it has been released into the synapse is
Which of the following is not an amino acid neurotransmitter? Aspartate, Glutamate, Glycine, Indolamine, GABA
All catecholamines are synthesized from
Nitric oxide is
A soluble gas and a neurotransmitter
Protein, polypeptide, peptide, and amino acid is ranked from
Largest to smallest
Endorphins play a role in
Analgesia and pleasure
Drugs that facilitate the activity of the synapses of a particular neurotransmitter are said to be _____ of that neurotransmitter.
Drugs that block the reuptake of a neurotransmitter from the synapse are
Agonists of that neurotransmitter
Drugs the bind to a neurotransmitter's receptors on the postsynaptic membrane without activatng them are
Receptor blockers and antagonists of the neurotransmitter
What provides the most detailed three-dimensional view of the structure of the living human brain?
Positron emission tomography is a valuable research tool because it
Provides an image of brain function
A ___ measures changes in magnetic fields on the surface of the brain.
Muscle tension is monitored by
Which gland or glands directly influence the SCL and the SCR?
Sweat glands
Bregma is
The point of intersection between two major skull suctures, and a common reference point for rat stereotaxic brain surgery
What is the most common method of making lesions to the neocortex in biopsychological experiments?
Aspiration or suction
Cryogenic blockade is often referred to as a functional or reversible lesion because
It temporarily eliminates the contribution of a particular area of the brain to the ongoing behavior of the subject without damaging the brain
The neurotoxin, 6-hydroxydopamine (6-OHDA) selectively destroys
Neurons the release dopamine and norepinephrine
In immunocytochemistry, the labeled ligand is
An antibody
Psychobiology, behavioral biology, and behavioral neuroscience are all synonyms for
The main difference between human brains and the brains of their mammalian relatives is that human brains are bigger and
Have more cortex
The variable that is measured by the experimenter is the
Dependent Variable
The Coolidge effect refers to the fact that
A sexually fatigued animal will often resume sexual activity if its current partner is replaced with a new one
A major shortcoming of case-study research is that
The degree to which the results can be generalized is unclear
The neural pathway that connects the left and right hemispheres in the
Corpus Callosum
Which of the following is not one of the 6 major divisions of biopsychology? Physiological psychology, clinical psychology, neuropsychology, psychophysiology, psychopharmacology
Clinical psychology
The division of biopsychology that studies the neural mechanisms of behavior through the direct manipulation of the brains of laboratory animals in controlled experiments is
Physiological psychology
Which of the following is not an autonomic nervous system response? Heart rate, blood pressure, EEG, electrical conductance of the skin, pupil dilation.
The major method of cognitive neuroscience is
Functional Brain Imaging
Is a spandrel adaptive or not adaptive?
Not adaptive
Mammals evolved directly from
Humans, vertebrates, Florida walking catfish, and mammals are all ___?
The last remaining hominid species is
Homo sapiens
From outside to inside, the three meninges are the
Dura, arachnoid, and pia
Which part of the PNS projects from only the cranial and sacral portions of the CNS?
Parasympathetic nervous system
The autonomic nervous system is part of the
Peripheral nervous system