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Male-female rearing differences
1950's women were5-10% medical student
2005-2006 women were 48.5%

public recognition of acts of heroism overwhelmingly cite men, ie Carnegie heroism medalist winners
Men vs women
men - mathmatical and related quantitative judment, spatial, analogies

women - verbal expression, spend more time interviewing, better psychotherapists
Men vs women
psychiatric disorders
men - unlawful, excessive gambling, more likely to die from suicide attempts

women - depression, eating disorders, more suicidal attempts
Erikson's Life cycle stages
over 65
20-35: Intimacy(lasting relationships) vs isolation(failure to form lasting relationships)

35-65: Generativity(children,work,leadership) vs stagnation

over 65: Ego integrity(positive reflection about life) vs Despair(good ol days griping)
Other important tasks for men
emancipation from family
est boundaries
handling romance
providing affection
facing declining stamina/bodies

these are affected by DIMENSIONS -factors like sex of partner, children, illness, poverty etc
frequency of sexual intercourse
25: 3/week
40: 2/week
monagomy and genetic testing
domestic violence during spouse's preg
impact on men attending delivery
men and handling new baby(jealousy)
deatbeat dads(prison $250,000)
longitudinal studies - problems = long term funding, research subjects, investigators
Divorce data
40-43% divorce after mean 9 yrs

50% last over 25yrs
71% of kids live w/two parents
Predictors of poor physical health
low tranquilizer use befor 50
low alcohol/smoking
no warm childhood environment
mood disorders
predictors of poor mental health
use of tranq b4 50
immature defense mechanism use - acting out, projecting, excessive fantasy
physiologic changes in males
high frequency hearing loss
reduction in circ TT
decreased erection
a group of psychological mechanisms, many of which operate unconsciously, which hellp us balance our instinctual drives with social expectations
defense mechanism
one diopter
power of lens to bend light at 1 meter,
erectile dysfunction
speed of decline increased by diabetes mellitus, hypertension,medications

REM sleep(rapid eye mvmt) during stage 5, happens 4-6 times a night once every 1.5 hours

80-50% reduction in REM erections by 60

increase in time to acheive erections(2-3 times longer) and longer erectile refractory period
gold reports
good comm b/w couples and willingness to do non intercourse sexual activities = sexually satisfying relationship
Mental health and survival
distress and longevity
Valliants data
% dead by 70

undistressed - 5
interm distress - 28
depressed - 40