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-a form of therapy where individuals are provided with physiological information to allow them to influence:
1. psychophysiological respsonses that are not usually under voluntary control (HR)
2. responses for which regulation has broken down (incontinence)
what principles are used to influence behavior in biofeedback?
-operant conditioning
what are the two common components of relaxation therapies?
-repetitive focus
-a passive attitude toward intruding thoughts
what is hypnotic therapy?
-selective attention, focusing, and suggestion combined with enhanced imagery
what are the three main components of hypnotherapy?
-pre suggestion: use of imagery, distraction, or relaxation to establish the hypnotic context
-suggestion introduces the goals of therapy
-post suggestion: emphasizes continued use of the learned behavior
what is guided imagery?
-visualization used to facilitate relaxation, induce changes in physiological/psychological state, or enhance problem solving ability
how is biofeedback used to treat reynauds disease?
-disease causes cold hands/feet due to vasospasm
-thermal feedback device helps people control the vasospasm
how is biofeedback used to treat tension headaches?
-muscle tension sensors are placed on the forehead to alert the patient when they are too tense so they can do a relaxation technique
how is biofeedback used to treat anxiety disorders?
-it is used to promote mastery of stress related physiological responses
what are some signs associated with behavioral therapy success?
-dec muscle tension
-inc finger temp
-dec anxiety
-lessened depression
-greater sense of empowerment
how many people seek complementary therpies in the US each year? What type of people are they?
-mostly highly educated women
-use is higher in people hospitalized in the last year
what is the theory behind massage therapy?
-that massage inc blood and lymph flow
-induces relaxation
-improves range of motion
what is the theory behind accupuncture?
-there are patterns of energy flow (qi) through the body (meridians) that are essential for health
-disruptions cause disease
what are the top 5 most commonly used herbs and their fns?
1. ginseng: mild stimulant
2. gingko biloba: vasodilation, cognitive fn
3. allium sativum: cholesterol
4. glucosamine: joint mobility
5. st johns wort: mild depression