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too much talking
inability to put to words how you feel
Most common hallucination of Schizophrenia?
Auditory hallucinations common in what?
Patient's personal and developmental history. The focus of psychiatric history
disorder of thought, meaningless repetition of specific words or phrases
Diurnal variation in MDD
Feeling much worse in the morning. A/W MDD
loss of normal speech melody
loss of voice
Haptic hallucination (formication)
Hallucination involving the sense of touch
Ictal hallucination
Hallucination a/w a seizure, usu brief
Autoscopic hallucination
Hallucination of one's own physical self
Migrainous hallucination
Hallucination of simple geometric shapes a/w?
Cenesthetic Hallucinations
Hallucination a/w the sensation of altered state in body organs - "my brain is burning"
Deja entendu
illusion of AUDITORY recognition (new sound seems like one previously heard)
Deja pense
A new thought seems like a previous one
Jamais vu
Unfamiliarity with familiar situation
Unconscious filling in of memory gaps
DSM-IV definition of a mental disorder includes
Sig. distress, sig increased morbidity, not an expected response to a particular event, sig. disability
The only risk factor for delusional disorder?
Family Hx is the only risk factor for what disorder?
Most common type of delusional disorder?
Jealous type is the most common type of what disorder?
Schizophrenics most commonly have what type of delusions?
Bizarre delusions are most commonly a/w what disorder?
Manic patients most commonly have what type of delusions?
Grandiose delusions are most common with what type of disorder?
Ego-syntonic is experienced as?
What describes experience as a good and normal part of ones self?
Ego-dystonic is experienced as?
What describes experience as a bad and distasteful part of ones self?
What is Double Depression?
What is Major Depressive Disorder superimposed on Dysthymia?
How would a patient appear if in a stupor?
What describes a patient who is awake but immobile and mute, may or may not have reduced awareness of environment
involuntary copies other's movements
motor restlessness, pt appears uncomfortable if still
Name the three kinds of panic attacks
unexpected, situationally bound, situationally predisposed
Anxiety about places or situations where escape is difficult or embarassing or where help isn't available IF a PA should occur
Negative symptoms of Schizophrenia
Blunted affect, anhedonia, apathy, inattentiveness
Positive symptoms of Schizophrenia
Hallucinations, delusions, bizarre behavior or thought disorder
Name the three phases of Schizophrenia
Prodromal, psychotic, residual
Time frame for schizophreniform?
more than one month but less than 6.
What is schizoaffective disorder?
Schizophrenia plus MDE, Manic, of Mixed episode. Must be 2 weeks w/ hallucinations/delusions w/o mood symptoms
What are the JPEGS of delusional disorder?
Jealous, Persucatory, Erotomanic, Grandiose, Somatic
Patient believes that a person, part of the pts body or part of the world does not exist
What are neologisms?
nonsense words or real words nonsensically. Exp "I fribish the fot" or "I table the stairs"
What does it mean when someone is speaking using Clang associations?
One word follows the next based only on rhyming. Exp "I want to say pay the play of the day ray stay may I clay?"
Hypnogogic hallucination
Hallucination experienced while one is falling asleep
Hypnopompic hallucination
Hallucination experienced while one is waking from sleep.
inability to identify objects based on tactile information alone
Inability to use tactile sensations alone to identify letters or numbers "drawn" on palm
What are the types of schizophrenia?
Paranoid, Disorganized, and Catatonic
Conditions with psychosis?
GMC, SI, Delirium/Dementia, Bipolar, MDD, Brief psychotic disorder, the Schizophrenia family and Delusional Disorder
Conditions without psychosis?
Dysthymia, cyclothymia
Deja Vu
Situation seems like a previous experience
Differential diagnosis of Brief Psychotic Disorder
SI, GMC, severe personality disorders, malingering
Example of an Ego-syntonic state?
Schizophrenia is a constellation of abnormalities in what three aspects of living?
thinking, emotion, and behavior
Pathological self preoccupation
Compulsive utterance of obscene words
Most common mental illness?
Penis paranoia of Asia
Malaysia/SE Asia - Sudden unprovoked violence that most often ends in death of the patient (if alive, pt has no recollection of event)
Female Eskimos of Greenland - anxiety, depression, confusion, depersonalization, derealization ending in stuporous sleep and amnesia
Native American Indians - delusional fear of being turned into a cannibal
Mediterraneans - vomiting, fever, restless sleep, thought to be caused by evil eye
Mal de Ojo
Latin-American cultures - panic attack like symptoms following stressful event to one's family
Attaque de nervous
Impairment is a criteria in all but what?
Delusional Disorder and Hypomania