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Optimal Foraging
Natuaral selection will favor animals that choose foraging strategies that maximize the differential benefits and costs.
Ex. Bluegill will go for the closest water flea or may go for a bigger one farther away.
What an animal does and how it does it.
Understand how a variety of animals behave in their natural habitats
Fixed Action Pattern (FAP)
A sequence of behavioral acts that is esentially unchangeable and usually carried to completion once initiated.
Ex. Moths fold wings when feel a bats ultasonic waves
Sign Stimulus
An external sensory stimulus that causes a FAP.
Ex. The bats utrasonic waves (sign stimulus) causes a moth to fold its wings and drop to the ground (FAP).
Behavioral Ecology
Research approach based on the expectation that animals increase their Darwinian fitness by optimal behavior.
Search Image
A set of key characteristics that will lead an organism to the desired object.