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manipulating antecedent stimuli is useful when...
- cannot specify maintaining consquences
-maintaining consquences may not be amedable to control
- desire immediate behavior change
operant behaviors attributed to nonoperant causes
-disruptive behaviors
- speech dysfluencies
For people who overeat, sight of food is
the difference between smoking and overeating is...
can't eliminate the stimulus control
what are the three ways of manipulating antecedent stimuli
1 remove antecedent
2 alter antecedent
3 introduce new antecedent
speech dysfluecy is
an operant behavior
stuttering is (1)
stutter starts as (2)
(1)under stimulus control
(2) respondant
any stimulus you present contingent on a stutter reduces stuttering. This is an example of...
highlighting effect. Highlights the fact that a stutter occured.
This develops from acute pain
chronic pain
An injury is an example of
acute pain
Pain that is correlated w/ some antecedent stimulus
respondent pain
pain that has lost its respondent components
operant pain
brief episodes involving loss of neck tone and random eye movements and vilolent shaking of upper body and arms for 1-10 sec. rate range 50-400/day
myoclonic seizures
2-6/ wk loss of balance vic clonic convulsions lasting 30-90 sec incontinence of urine and sleep for several hrs
grand mal seizures
when behaviors are operationally described, they are...
controlled by enviornmental antecedants and consequences
some emotional responses inhibit each other meaning that they cannot occur at the same time.
If... is presented without US the CR will extinguish.
In ADHD... indicates that behaviors may be operant.
In self management, the change agent is... and that person needs to be...
the individual
controlling behavior
self management
controlled behavior
target behavior
advantages of self management
- person= own change agent
- enhance generalization
- person in control of own intervention.
Behavioral interventions of ADHD when combined with pharmacological treatments, may be med's alone.
Need ... dosage of med's alone to achieve equiv. results.