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Types of Psychodynamic therapy?
Psydhoanalytic, adlerian, object relations
Goals of Psychodynamic therapy?
Change orientes, insight oriented
Therapist role in Psychodynamic therapy?
Less directive
Length of Psychodynamic therapy?
Months to years
Key concepts in Psychodynamic therapy?
Transference, counter transference, Resistance
Pyschoanalytic therapy?
Most commonly practiced in the united states, based of freud
Goal of Pyschoanalytic therapy?
Uncover unconsious aspect of person's life
Drive Theory in Pyschoanalytic therapy?
Unconsious conflics exist
Therapist role in Pyschoanalytic therapy?
Brief psychodynamic therapy?
Peter Sifneus, David Malon, Davenloo, James Mann
Goals of Behavioral therapy?
Decrease symptoms by altering behavior
Techniques used in behavioral therapy?
Relaxation techniques, changing behavior that effects symptoms, gradual exposure
Therapist's role witi Behavioral therapy?
Active, gives homework
Ideal patient population for Behavioral therapy?
Phobias, OCD, MR/DD
Lenth of Behavioral therapy?
6-20 sessions
Concepts in Behavioral therapy?
Systematic sensitization
Types of Cognative Behaviotal Therapy?
CBT, DBT, Rational-emotive, solution-focused
Goals of Cognative Behaviotal Therapy?
Challenge and alter negative thoughts
Therapist's role with Cognative Behaviotal Therapy?
Directive, gives homework
Ideal patients for Cognative Behaviotal Therapy?
Depression, anxiety, ocd, substance abuse
Length of Cognative Behaviotal Therapy?
10-20 sessions
Ideal patient for Dialectical Behavioral Therapy?
Boarderline personality disorder
Goal of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy?
decrease self injurious behavior and increase emotional regulation
Therapist role in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy?
Length of treatment with Dialectical Behavioral Therapy?
one year
Goal of supportive therapy?
Build self-esteem
Therapist role in supportive therapy?
Active, empathy
Ideal patients for supportive therapy?
Patients in crisis
Length of threatment in supportive therapy?
Key terms in supportive therapy?
Empathy and therapeutic alliance
Pschoeducational therapy?
To support family and patient, the therapist is the educator, useful in schizophrenia
Eye movement desensitization Reprocessing?
Useful in trauma
Art movement therapies?
Trauma, MR/DD, Kinesthetic learners
Play therapy?
For children
Family/couples therapy?
Need to be specially trained