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Risk factors for Child abuse?
Prematurity, low birth weight, Hyperactivity, percieves as slow, colicky infant, chronic illnes, physically disabled, subsance abuse, poverty
Bruising in Child abuse?
in unlikely areas, on infant, with a shape
Burns in Child abuse?
Cigarette, immersion burns, shape
Fractures in Child abuse?
Multiple at different stages, bucket handle
Head Trauma in Child abuse?
Shacken baby syndrome, skull fracture from three times the height
When should you be suspicious of Child abuse?
is story consistant with injury, childs developmental capabilities, delay in diagnosis, change in story
If leave mark for more than 24 hrs it is excessive
Prevalence of Sexual abuse?
25% of women and 12% of men report sexual abuse at one point in their life
Child Sexual abuse risk factors?
Increases with age, F>M, socioeconomic status is not a risk factor, Race is not a risk factor
sequelae of Sexual abuse?
MDD, boarderline PD, smatization, PTSD, Bulimia nervosa
Presentation of sexual abuse?
Spontaneous disclosure, accidental disclosuer, workup for symptoms, witness, porn, school failure, depression, anxiety, PTSD, self mutalization, eating disorder
Percentage of sexually abused that ever disclose?
Behavioral symptoms of sexually abused?
Sexualized behavior, separation anxiety, sleep disturbances, overeating, aggressive behavior
Munchausen's By proxy
Caretaker causes illness, healthcare team is split