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Areas of dysfunction in Autism?
Social interaction
Restrictive range of play
Pervasive developmental Disorders?
Autism, Asperger Syndrome, PDD-NOS, Rett syndrome, childhood disintigrative disorder
Asperger Syndrome
Like autism with normal language, and normal intelligence. Get obsessed with something
Rett syndrome?
Girls, loss of purposeful use of hands, microcephaly, MECP2 gege
Childhood disintegrative Disorder?
Regression of skills after age two, autistic like behaviors
Autistic spectrum disorders?
Autism, PDD-NOS, Asperger sydrome
DSM-IV criteria for Autism?
Impaired social interactions, Impairment in Communication, Restricted pattern of interest(preoccupied with objects)
When are symptoms of Autism first observed?
36 months
Regression reported btwn 12 and 24 months in what percent of children with Autism?
Intervention Before what age makes a differnece in the outcome?
Percentage of Autistics that learn to talk?
Early signs of autism: delays in?
Joint attention skills, social interaction, play behavior
Red flags for autism in development?
No babble or meaningful gestures by age 1, no speaking by 16 months, Not combining 2 words by 2, Not responding to name, loses social skills, poor eye contact, echolalia
Kids with autism diagnosed before age three?
Early intervention: child and family intervention
Kids with autim diagnosed after age three?
Refer to school district: Individual education plan for each child