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In the mating of the wolf spider, the female spiders are attracted to the tuft of hair on the legs of the male spider. This is an example of
Sign Stimuli
The suicidal mating behavior is found in the male red back spider as a way to prolong its
Sperm transfer
The importance of sexual imprinting is demonstrated by the courtship behavior of the
Attributing human motivation, intention, and values to other biological organisms and inanimate objects is known as
The sexual dimorphism of the horns of the male ibexes is an extraordinary example of
sexual selection
The male elephant seals assemble a group female elephant seals and mate with them almost immediately after the female seals
gives birth
The ruby-throated humming birds fight off any intruders to defend their
In the good partner mate choice theory, the females choose a good looking partner in search for
healthy mates and good genes
The example used in the lecture for female defense polygyny is the
greater speared bat
The sea louse is used as an example for the
resource defense__ polygyny strategy.
The building of elaborate displays to attract females is found in the mating behavior of the
bower birds
The shift in sex-operational ratio in the polyandrous mating system is demonstrated by the lecture example of
The giant clams are known to be hermaphrodites, as they release both
sperm and egg
The example that was given in lecture of an amphibian laying eggs on land is the
S. American rain frog
An example of a monotreme that was given in lecture is the
Kangaroos belong to a group of mammals known as the
The Antarctic emperor penguins provide both
paternal and maternal care
Cooperative breeding is found
in the Florida Scrub Jay
The European common cuckoos practice
brood parasitism
A way to provide nutritional resources for the young is to lay eggs directly into living organisms, a practice used by the
cabbage white caterpillar wasp
Flatworms use a rudimentary nervous system in order for them to hunt
A simple nerve network is used to coordinate movements of the
moon jellies
In order for vampire bats to survive, they must practice
reciprocal altruism
The ability to guide by the sun in foraging is found in the
honey bees___.