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How many baggage carrying areas are there.
Name them.
-coat rack
-cargo Section(2 sections)
Where are the fuel gauges located?
-Pilot's left sidewall
How many adjustments are there for the pilot's seats?
-2-vertical and horizontal.
Why should the seatbelts be buckled when the seats are unoccupied?
-so they stay clean
How many different kinds of lights are mounted in the wingtip?
List the values for Va and Vs1
Va = 188 kts
Vs1= 88 kts
List the items that must be checked by the crew to insure that the airstair door and cargo door is properly secured.
*Check the Cabin /Cargo Door Annunciator light.
-Rotate handle counterclockwise to check for security. The handel should be pointing down and button poped out.
-Check that the red saftylock is in the locked position.
- Check that the orancestipe camlock pins(6 (8 on UE series)) are aligned with the door plate.
What is the maximum operating altitude?
-25,000 ft
Where do you test the stall warning horn?
-Center Console
How do you get an accurate reading of the outside air temperature?
-Convert indicated temperature to correction performance data chart.
Where are the smoke goggles stored on the BE-1900?
-Located in small pouch on the bulkhead behind Pilot/Copilot seats.
What is the benefit of the T-tail design?
Improve aerodynamics, lighten control forces and increase CG range.
Is the A/C certified to go into icing conditions?
How many emergency exits are there?
4-Two window on right, 1 window on left and the main door.
What is company hold speed?
160-175 kts