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Which tank does the engine draw fuel most directly from?
The collector tank
Assuming all tanks were full during takeoff, Which tank is the first to be depleated if everything is operationg normally?
The Aux Tanks
Are fuel guages powered by AC or DC?
D.C., Tripple Feed Bus
How does a capacitance fuel guage work?
Measures the fuel from a prob that has inner and outer elements. The probe measures fuel quantity in unit lbs.
How do you read the fuel quantity in the Aux tanks?
Push down AUX FUEL quantity switch
What does it mean when the FUEL PRESS light comes on?
When less than 10 psi is sensed between the Low pressure pump and the High pressure pump.
Why must the high pressure fuel pump have boosed fuel pressure supplied to it?
-So it does not cavitate. Also the high pressure fuel pump needs fuel for cooling and lubrication.
Name a situation where NO FUEL XFR light may come on when there is no malfunction?
-There is no pressure in the fuel line between the aux and collector tanks
What happens when you select fuel transfer?
-Standby fuel pump on the supplying side comes on.
-Xfer valve opens.
-Fuel Xfer light comes on.
What does the yellow arc on the fuel guage indicate?
-30 minutes fuel left
What is the maximum allowable fuel imbalance?
-200 lbs
Explain the usage of the left and right AUX PUMP on the fuel panel?
-To allow automatic transfer of AUX tank fuel to the collector tank OR manually initiate/terminate fuel transfer if automatic function fails.
What is the fuel capacity of the main tanks?
241.3 gals usable
What is the fuel capacity of the Aux tanks
92.3 gals usable
If you are flying with full tanks, is there a certain tank that should be used first?
Yes-inboard AUX tanks.
How do you get fuel from the AUX tank to the COLLECTOR tank?
-With the AUX Xfer pump. There is a 3 position switch -OFF, AUTO, ON
Are the Fuel tanks vented?
YES- The MAINS are vented to the outside and the AUXs are vented to the MAIN tanks.
There is two vents on each wing. (1 flush unheated, 1 protruding heated)
Can you close the firewall valve with out the battery being on?
How does the fuel system work?
-The 1900 has a wet wing system. There is a collector tank in the lowest portion of the main tank. Fuel is pumped from the collector tank thru a low pressure fuel pump to a fuel heater. It is then drawn into the high pressure fuel pump to the fuel and supplied to the fuel control unit. The fuel that is not used is then pumped back into the main tank.