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Information imported from another source
External data
A join-line between two tables
A collection of data that uses separate tables to store different aspects of information.
Relational database
A field that uniquely indentifies each record in a table
Primary key
The primary key of a table placed in another table. it is used to create relationships
Foreign key
In access where records are listed only once in a primay table and appear multiple times in a related table
One-to-many relationship
A priamary table is one half of a relationship. it is like a master list of record. each record is uniquel indentified by a primary key and each record appears only once.
primary table
in access when relationships are created between three tables. the junction from the other two tables in this type of relationships
many-to-many relationship
A present in a many-to-many relationship and can contain one or more records from the other two tables in this type of relationships
junction table
A set of rules that ensure data validity between related tables
Referential integrity
The other half of a relationship. it contains the primary key from a primary table and the records from the primay table can appear in it multiple times.
secondary table
now relates the primary key of the account types table to the foreign key of the account table
join line