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The – supplies the medial area of the temporal, frontal and parietal lobes
Anterior cerebral artery
The middle cerebral artery supplies –
L areas of the Temporel, frontal, and parietal lobes
The brain takes up approximately – percent of the available space in the skull
What are the three components of the brain that must maintain equilibrium in order to function
Blood, brain, and cerebrospinal fluid
Which compensatory mechanism must occur to control ICP
Decreased cerebrospinal fluid production
Compliance is related to how well the structures inside the slulll can accommodate the change in pressure.
Cerebral perfusion pressure is the pressure required to perfuse the brain cells. It is the difference between the MAP and the ICP.
What happens if the components described by the Monro Kellie hypothesis are not maintained in equilibrium?
An increase in intracranial pressure occurs
What is the primary function of the Occipital lobe
What are the three structures of the brainstem
Midbrain, Pons and medulla
The ----- controls find body movements and integrating and modulating of unconscious motor activity, especially in the hands and lower extremities.
Basal ganglia
The frontal lobe is primarily responsible for which functions
Eye movement, personality, and emotions.
The parietal load is primarily responsible for:
Touch, pain awareness, and spatial awareness of the body and its environment.
– – Channels RAS up to the thalamus. It is the origin of cranial nerves three and four, and is responsible for the auditory and visual reflexes
Midbrain channels
What is the function of the thalamus?
Communicates pain and sensory information to the cerebrum.
What is the first layer of meninges under the skull?
Dura mater