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Identify knowledgeable people in each functional acra to act as _____ in the BIA process
Identify business functions
____ ____ ____ is the identification of the effect on the orginization of the risks to it, should they occur
Business Impact Analysis
What are three acceptable methods of collecting data for a Business Impact Analysis
Processes used in the business that must go right every time to be successful
Critical success factors
Seeks to ensure that mission critical activities are maintained during a crisis
Business Continuity Management
Typical Business Processes
Process customer orders
Support Installed products
Measeure product quality
Key critical success factors
Best in class quality
New products that satisfy market needs
Excellent suppliers
Motivated skilled workers
Profit activities may be divided into three categories
creators - core
supporters - support
dissipaters - discretionary
Pareto Principle
____________ may be designed to help identify the value that flows through particular process, equipment, facilities, or people
What are some issues with using questionaires
Completion rate is low
Mmay be unrepresentitive
Everybody's function is important
When creating an interview what is important to consider?
structured format
Who should be interviewed
Mix of grades - senior, mid level, and junior
What are considerations when using a workshop methold of collecting data?
Need clear agenda
Identify appropriate level of participation
Have a facilitator
BIA consideration for potential loss of assets
key personnel, physical assets, information assets, intangiable assets including market share and reputation
BIA consideration for disruption to the continuity of service and operations
When a business ceases to operate a fear arises will it be able to restart? Will customers, suppliers, and investors grow wary?
BIA consideration Violation of applicable laws or regulations
Regulations, missed deadlines, fines can bring unfavorable attention and cast doubt on the leaders
Financial impact of the distuption
cost to rebuild, new marketing efforts required, potential moving costs, cost to hire new employees, replacement costs, legal actions
Customers and suppliers
What would happen to the customers
Supply chain
Public relations and credibility
Does the company appear to be mismanaged
IS here an environmental damage caused by the event, consider the Valdez
What impact does it have on production? Will it impact the ability to procuce goods and services
Is life or safety affected? Will the employees feel we are caring
Backlog created by the event
After the event the backlog will increase
Property loss
Revenue loss
Cash flow and prevention of credit lines
legial liability
Human resources
Human resources
Socal and corporate image
Expert opinion
creepng disaster
not a sudden event but a slow deteriationinto disaster over a period of time
Financial loss could include
Brand image recovery
Loss of share value
Loss of control ver debetors
Cause of financial loss
Cost to replace equipment
Cost of replacing software
Salaries paid to staff, unbillable work
What vial records must be considered?
Paper records
Personnel records
Finance records, AR, AP, contracts, code and supplier lists, credit files
Diagrams, manuals, Customer contact data; homegrown databases
BIA Points scoring
Assigning a value, for example from 1 to 5 for the probability of occurance of an events occurance
Annualized Cash scorong
Using local statistics, either from emergency planners or from insurers to identify the likihood of event occuring

For example if 1 in 15 chance of event occuring, and building valued at $45m divide $45m/15y = $3m
Alphabetic rating
Using letters rather than numbers to score risk probability
Maximum Acceptable Outage
We need to understand the cumulative losses each minute, hour, day to the point at which loss becomes unsustainable
Recovery window
Losses may not be a straight line
They may accumulate gradually then suddenly become exponential, This could result if there is a quality issue or maybe a software bug
Service Level Agreement
Define the minimum accecptable qualit of service to the customer, the minimum requirement that meets the customers needs
Generally after a disaster ____ capacity is required than during normal operations
More, Typically the cumulative workload is underestimated and many critical processes may have peaks. More capacity is required in terms of operational equipment, computing capacity, and telephony
Generally after a disaster resource requirements are ____ estimated
They are generally over estimated, for example is it reasonale to expect to have 250 people to man PC's in 8 hours after a disaster. Usually company's will oversubscribe to resources
What is the third Knowledge area in Business Continuity?
Business Impact Analysis
What knowledge areas come before this?
1. Project Initiation
2. Risk Evaluation