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our own pizza sauce mozzerella, provalone, roasted peppers, asparagus, wild mushrooms and tomatoes
topped with stripes of basil sauce
our own pizza sauce itallian sausage, black olives, fresh basil, and pepper jack cheese
own pizza sauce, mozzerela and provalone cheese mix, fresh vine ripened roma tomatoes
own pizza sauce, topped with hand sliced pepperoni, mozzerela and provalone cheese and oregeno
white chicken
parmesian cream sauce base topped with grilled chicken wild mushrooms mozzerela and provelone cheese and feta cheese garnished with a chiffonade of fresh spinach
mayo mustard and ketchup based sauce, hamburger, chedder cheese, pickles, tomato and red onions garnished with a chiffonade of iceberg lettuce
Frontneck pasta
ittallian sausage, black olive, broccoli, and spinach, tossed with pene pasta in a tomato basil sauce, topped with feta cheese and pine nuts
carbonara pasta
fettucinni pasta tossed in a parmesean cream sauce with grilled chicken , bacon, garlic, snow peas and basil topped with parm cheese
Brentwood pasta
linguini noodles tossed in a spicy serole cream sauce with (5) sauteed jumbo shrimp, andoulli sausage, and roated peppers, topped with parm cheese, diced tomatoes and basil
Roasted chicken
1/2 of roasted chicken, semi boneless, served with wild mushrooms,pancetta fresh thyme and a roasted garlic sauce served with smashed potatoes and veggie of day
BBQ babyback ribs
a full rack of ribs, topped in BBQ sauce and our sweet apple jalepinio jelly glaze (sweet not spicy)served with cole slaw and onion rings
filet minion
8 oz hand cut aged beef, served with wild mushrooms and a red wine bordelise sauce loaded baked potato and veggie of day
7 oz fillet, sauteed and served with a wild mushroom and a potato rague, prosciutto and champagne cream sauce...tomato oil and chives
cedar plank salmon
7 oz portion grilled to a medium temp. served with a dijonaise sauce ALWAYS ASK FOR TEMP...served on a cedar plank w/ smashed potatos and veggie of day
Bucks pork chop
twon 7oz porkchops, marinated with peppercorns, thyme garlic and olive oil, then grilled. served with green peppercorn sauce,sweet potatoes and veggi of the day
flat iron steak
14oz, chuck steak, marinated in balsamic vinigerette, herbs and garlic, grilled then served with gorgonzola sauce, smashed potatoes and veggie of day with gorgonzola crumbs on top
mahi mahi
pan roasted and served with a port wine reduction and citrus butter
K.C strip
14oz aged beeftopped with herb garlic butter, loaded baked potato and veggi of the day