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Moral Accounting Metaphor
Moral interactions are commodity or commercial transactions.
-Deeds/states are objects in transactions
-Well being is wealth
-Record of transaction
-Moral deeds accumulate credit
A gives something good to B.
B has an "obligation" to give something good;A has a "right" to recieve something good.
Ultimatum Bargaining game
Robert Frank
adam gets $100 and told to share it with you, must say how much he will give.

Fairness is more important than logic (logically, should accept anything offered, even $1).
A gives something bad to B.
B has the right to give something bad; A has an obligation to recieve something bad.
(you'll get yours)
A gives something bad to B.
A has an obligation to give something good; B has right to recieve something good.
(i'll make it up to you)
A gives something bad to B.
A owes something good to B but will not give. B has a right to take something good.
(an eye for an eye)
A gives something good to B. B cannot give something good to A, A doesnt expect it. A gains moral credit, goes beyond expectations.
social play
animals learn acceptable ground rules; trust and fairness= key components.
Watson Reasoning Test
human cognitive architecture adapted us to make us better at thinking about social contracts.
fulfill one's duties; rule based.
Stregnths: consistent, realiable; appreciates special obligations; permits supererogations (acting above or beyond)
Weaknesses: rational justification?(nothing rtional about it), conflicting duties/ obligations, indiffernce to consequences
Act Utilitarianism
Act for greatest good for the greatest number; End-based.
Strengths: benevolent, rational, situational (flexible)
Weaknesses: unpredictable consequences, incommensurability problem, no supererogation, no special obligations, inconsistent, injustice
Rule Utilitarianism
act in accordance with rules that maximize good.
Strengths: benevolence, rationality, consistent, justice, special obligations
Weaknesses: not situational, unpredictable consequences, incommensurability, no supererogation, conflicting duties
Essential; rights are compliment of obligation.