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i'm really glad to meet you
Jiandao ni zhen gaoxing
i'm also very glad to meet you
jiandao ni wo ye hen gaoxing
May i ask what's your surname?
qingewn, nin xing shenme?
my surname is Fishman, and yours?
wo xing fishman, nin guixing?
what's your name?
ni jiao shenme mingzi?
are you in bussiness?
nin jingshang ma?
that's great
tai hao le
we are both business people
women dou shi shangren
i feel doing business is not very hard
wo jeude jingshang bu tai nan
to do business
zuo shengyi
to be engaged in trade
zuo maoyi

gao maoyi
to be engaed in marketing (products)
gao yingxiao
to be engaged in sales
gao xiaoshuo
to be engaged in import and export trade
gao jinchukou maoyi