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Causes of Acute Disruptions of Pregancy
1. Spontaneous Abortion
2. Abruptio Placentae
3. Premature Delivery
4. Fetal Demise
1. nicotine and cocaine
2. Cocaine
3. nicotine and cocaine
4. cocaine
Drugs causing Neonatal Effects
1. Growth Retardation
2. Congenital Infections
3. Motor Jitteriness
4. Neonatal Withdrawal
1. Nicotine, alcohol, cocaine, and opiates

2. Cocaine and opiates

3. Nicotine, alcohol, cocaine, THC and opiates

4. Nicotine, alcohol, cocaine, THC and opiates
Drug induced neonatal apoptopic neurodegeneration
-4 drugs
-caused by NMDA antagonists and GABA agonists

-ie: alcohol, PCP, barbituates, and benzos
Neonatal cocaine
-1st system dysfunction and outcome

-2nd system dysfunction and outcome
-Cingulate D1 signalling dysfunction; problems with attention and stimulus processing

- Frontal 5HT suppresion; poor response inhibition
Neonatal nicotine
-Systems disrupted
-disrupts neuron proliferation and differentiation; disrupts cholinergic and catecholaminergic systems
Fetal Alochol syndrome
-3 criteria
1. Growth Retardation
2. CNS dysfunction: motor, LD, behavior d/o.
3. Characteristic craniofacial abnormalities