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Define obsessions
recurrent and persistent thoughts, ideas, or images.
Define compulsions
repetitive, purposeful, and intential behaviors performed according to certain rules or in a stereotyped manner
Criteria for OCD diagnosis
-Obsessions and compulsions must interfere with functioning, cause distress, or be time consuming.

-Patient must recognize them as excessive/unreasonable

-Symptoms not restricted to other diagnoses

-Not due to direct effects of a substance or general medical condition
Key clinical features of OCD
Most common obsessions and their compulsions in OCD
Contamination: washing; avoidance

Pathologic doubt: checking

Somatic obsessions: checking and rechecking

Need for symmetry

Sexual and aggressive: checking compulsions, religiousity
Epidemiology and Genetics of OCD
-Age of onset
-Lifetime prevalence
-Twin studies
-Bimodal onset: early onset is more male and has tics. Late onset is more female
- 2.5% ie: common
- High MZ concordance, but environmental factors also implicated
-Tourette's, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, eating disorders.
OCD patient views the symptoms as foreign and undesired

OCPD patient are comfortable with their thoughts and behavior
Neuroanatomy of OCD
-At baseline
-When symptoms are provoked
Increased activity in...

-orbitfrontal cortex and striatum

-Right caudate, anterior cingulate gyrus, and bilateral orbitofrontal cortex
Neural circuits in OCD
Treatment of OCD