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The sensory section of the BS is located where?
The motor section of the BS is located where?
In the nerual tube which part is sensory and which part is motor?
Dorsal = sensory

Ventral = motor
What Splits CN motor nuclei (medial) from CN sensory nuclei (lateral)
Sulcus Limitans
What is pattern of the sensory CN nuclei columns?
What is pattern of motor CN nuclei column?
How many discontinuous columns of CN motor nuclei are there?
3 (on each side)
What are the 3 discontinuous columns of the CN motor nuclei?
1. Somatic

2. Visceral

3. Branchial
What does the Branchial column innervate?
Skeletal muscle that developed in the phayngeal/branchial punches
The somatic column is located where?
Most medial motor column
The somatic column contains what CN nuclei?

Innervates eye and tongue
What is the vertical organization of the somatic column?
Midbrain - CN III/IV

Pons = CN VI

Medulla = CN XII
A laterally deviated eyeball (external strabismus) is caused by what?
CN III lesion (patient can't adduct their eye)

Note: Patient may also have ptosis and parasympathetic defects
The trochlear near innervates what?
Superior Oblique which depresses, abducts, and intorts eye
Diplopia when attemptimg to depress adducted eye and tilting of head AWAY from lesion is causes by what?
CN IV lesion
The abducens nerve innervates what?
Lateral rectus
What causes a medially deviated eyeball (internal strabismus)?
CN VI lesion
What causes ipsilateral paralysis of one half on the tongue and deviation of tongue TOWARD the side of lesion?
CN XII lesion
What 2 muscles have CONTRALATERAL innervation?
Superior Rectus and Superior Oblique
The intermediate motor column contains what CN nuclei?
The nucleus of Edinger Westphal is located where and has what function?
Midbrain - pupil contriction and near response of CN III
Initial signs of dilated pupil, loss of light reflex, and loss of near response ipsilateral to lesion is a result of what?
What visceral column nucelus is located in the pons?
Superior Salivatory Nucleus
What is the function of the Superior salivatory Nucleus?
Lacrimation (CN VII)
What 2 visceral column nuceli are located in the medulla?
Inferior Salivatory Nucleus and Dorsal Motor Nucleus
The inferior salivatory nucleus does what?
Provides saliva via the otic ganglia (CN IX)
The dorsal motor nucleus does what?
CN X --> slow heart rate, constrict bronchial smooth muscles, promotes GI function
What CN nuclei does the lateral column (branchial) contain?
What CN nuclei are located in the pons?

What is their function?
CN V (mastication) and CN VII (Facial expression)
Deviation of jaw results from what?

What way does it protrude?
CN V lesion

Prodtrudes TOWARD the side of the lesion
Bell's Palsy is caused by what?
Lesion of CN VII
What nucleus of the branchial column is in the medulla?
Nucleus Ambiguus

How does CN VII exit the brainstem?

What clinical significance does this have?
Loops around abducens (VI)

If tumor involves abducens (VI) will ALSO involve the facial nerve (VII)
What sensory cranial nerve nuclei are found in the lateral part of the brainstem?
Solitary nucleus, 3 trigeminal nuclei, and the vestibular and cochlear nuclei
The solitary nucleus is located where?
The superior (rostral) portion of the solitary nucleus has what function?

Anterior 2/3 = VII
Posterior 1/3 IX
The solitary nucleus relays taste to where?
Ventral Posterior Medial Nucleus (VPM) of the Thalmus, which projects to the somatosensory cortex
The inferior (caudal) part of the solitary nucleus has what function?
Monitors changes in BP and chemical content of blood

What may cause respiratory failure preceded by ataxis (irregular) breathing?
Bilateral lesion of the solitary nuclei
CN VIII gives rise to what 2 nuclei?
Vestibular and Cochlear Nuclei
The ventral cochlear nuclei project where?
Bilaterally to neurons in the Superior Olivary Nucleus in the pons
Superior Olivary Nucleus sends inputs to where?
Inferior Colliculus
Inferior Colliculus sends inputs to where?
Medial Geniculate Body of the thalmus
Vestibular Nuclei sends inputs where?
Flocculnodular lobe of the cerebellum
What is unique in terms of size of the trigeminal nuclei?
Due to large length, should have trigeminal section in every brainstem section
How many trigeminal sensory nuclei are there?
3 for the 3 different sensory modalities
What are the 3 trigeminal nuclei and their functions?
1. Mesencephalic: proprioception of jaw

2. Main, Chief, or Principal: Touch of face

3. Spinal: pain and temp of face
What trigeminal nucleus actually contains cell bodies?
Mesencephalic - neural crest derivative that migrated into the brainstem
Axons of the principal sensory neurons project where?
VPM nucleus of the thalmus which then projects to the primary somatosensory cortex
The spinal nucleus of V has how many components?
3: Oral, interpolar part, and caudal part
The oral part of the spinal nucleus receives what inputs?
Tactile from face, scalp, oral cavity, and nasal cavity
The interpolar part of the spinal nucleus receives what inputs?
Pain and temp in teeth
The caudal part of the spinal nucleus receives what inputs?
Pain and Temp of face
The axons arising from cells in all parts of spinal nucelus of V cross the brainstem and form what?
The ventral trigeminal or trigeminothalamic tract
The ventral trigeminothalamic tract joins what other tract and where does is synapse?
Joins medial lemniscus and projects to the VPM
The mesencephalic nucleus extends into the midbrain where?
Lateral to the IVth ventricle and the cerebral aqueduct
For pain and temp, the face has what kind of topography?
Onion Skin
How is the cerebellum connected to the brainstem?
By the inferior, middle, and superior cerebellar peduncles

These convey axons into and out of cerebellum
Medial vascular insult will affect what kind of CN?
Lateral vascular insult will affect what kind of CN?