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How did they find Charlie?
First they found his slipper then Sarah heard him wailing(the only sound he can make-he does this when he's scared.)
What is the book about the girl who is trying to get through her teenage years?
Summer of the Swans
What is significant about the Swans?
They happened to be around the pond by her house during the summer when the story takes place and as Sarah put's it they helped her understand her life.
Who are the 3 Godfrey children?
Wanda-the oldest
Charlie-the youngest
Where is Sarah's Dad?
He works in Ohio.
Where does Joe invite Sarah?
To the "Popular" party.
Who is Aunt Willie?
The person Sarah's Mom put in charge of the 3 children.
What is significant about the orange shoes?
Sarah loved her orange shoes, she would dye pairs of shoes orange.
But, now that she's growing up, she hates them and want's to dye them a different color but they come out Puce.
Who wrote the book about a girl named Sarah who is trying to get through her teenage years.
Betsy Byars
What did sarah talk to Arnold Hampton about?
Charlie and his illnesses and why he can't talk.
Who is Mary?
Sarah's friend who helped look for Charlie.
Who finds Charlie?
Sarah and Joe
Who is Sarah's dog?
Why doesn't Charlie talk?
He had two illnesses when younger with high fever's and it affected his brain.
What happens to Charlie?
He thinks he sees one of the Swans out his window and goes after it and gets lost.
Who is the teenager in this book trying to get through her teenage years?
Sarah Godfrey
Who is Charlie?
Sarah's younger brother, who doesn't talk.
Where is Sarah's Mom?
She died.
Who is Joe Melby?
Sarah had a grudge against him because she thought he stole Charlie's watch. But she comes to realize he's a good person.