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The Door to Time (author)
Pierdomenico Baccalario
Names of the twins in "The Door to time."
Jason and Julia
How old were the twins in "The door to time"?
11 years old
Where is the door located? (In the Door to time)
In their London Mansion
What's behind the door in the "The Door to Time"?
A ship that takes them where they want to go.
Tales of a 4th grade Nothing (author)
Judy Blume
Main characters in "4th grade Nothing"
Fudge, Peter, Sheila
Ramona the Pest (author)
Beverly Cleary
What grade is Ramona Quimby?
What does Ramona's teacher promise her?
A present
Room One: A Mystery or Two (author)
Andrew Clements
What state does Ted live in? (Room One: A Mystery or Two)
What is the main character's name?
Room One: A Mystery or Two
Ted Hammond
What is the name of the town where Ted lives?
Room One: A Mystery or Two
Whose house has the mysterious face?
Room One: A Mystery or Two
The Anderson's
How many people live in the Anderson's home?
Room One: A Mystery or Two
3 people
What does Ted find from the girl?
Room One: A mystery or two
A note
Half-Moon investigations (author)
Eoin Colfer
Name of the main character in Half-moon investigations? How old?
Fletcher Moon, a mere 12 years old
What is rule No. 1 in his detective's handbook?
Half-moon investigations
Be invisible
Matilda (author)
Roald Dahl
What is the name of the headmistress? (Matilda)
Ms. Trunchbull
The Lemonade War (author)
Jacqueline Davies
Who are the main characters in "The Lemonade War?"
Evan and Jessie
What starts the Lemonade War?
Evan thinks he is the King and competes with his sister to have the best lemonade stand.
The Tale of Despereaux (author)
Kate DiCamillo
Who did the illustrations in Tale of Despereaux?
illustrations by Timothy Basil Ering
Who is Despereaux Tilling?
A Mouse
What kinds of things does Despereaux like to do?
music, stories, and a princess named Pea
What is the name of the rat in Tale of Despereaux?
What is Miggory Sow's wish?
That she was a princess.
Where does the story take the characters?
Tale of Desp.
Dungeons and castles
The Homework Machine (author)
Dan Gutman
What is the secret the kids share in the HW machine?
That they have a machine that does Homework.
Who are the main characters in the book "The HW machine."?
A geek, a class clown, a teacher's pet, and a slacker -- Brenton, Sam "Snick," Judy and Kelsey
What is the code name of the Homework Machine?
What did the Homework Machine group call themselves?
The D-Squad
Who do the D--Squad receive instant messages from?
What is the name of the teacher in the Homework Machine?
Ms. Rasmussen
Bunnicula: A Rabbit Tale of Mystery (author)
Deborah Howe
Names of the cat and dog in Bunnicula.
Chester the cat; Harold the dog
What is the truth about Bunnicula?
The rabbit is a vampire?
The Great Turkey Walk (author)
Kathleen Karr
What does the boy hope to do in the Great Turkey Walk?
Walk 1,000 turkeys from Missouri to Colorado
Main character in The Great Turkey Walk?
Simon Green
Year the Great Turkey walk is set?
From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler
E L Konigsburg
Where do Claudia and Jamie live after they runaway?

From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Sarah Plain and Tall (author)
Patricia MacLachlan
The Island of the Blue Dolphins (author)
Scott O'Dell
Main character in Island of Blue Dolphin
Karana, the Indian girl
Where is the island of the Blue Dolphin's located?
Off the coast of California (Channel Islands)
How long did Karana live on the island?
18 years.
Lawn Boy (author)
Gary Paulsen
What did the Lawn Boy invest in?
Joey Pow the prizefighter
The Boy who Saved Baseball (author)
John H Ritter
Name of the main character and the town in "The Boy who saved Baseball"
Tom Gallagher and the town in Dillontown
Who is the mysterious boy in The boy who saved baseball?
Cruz de la Cruz
Dillontown's greatest hitter ever
Dante Del Gato
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (author)
J K Rowling
Riding Freedom (author)
Pam Munoz Ryan
Main character and year of Riding Freedom.
Charlotte Parkhurst 1860
The Cricket in Times Square (author)
George Selden
Main characters n the Cricket in Times Square
Chester is the cricket
Mario finds him
Harry is the cat
Where is Chester from?
Christopher Mouse: the tale of a small traveler
William Wise
Where does Christopher Mouse meet a large cat?
In the Metropolitan Museum of art.
Which books are about Mice?
Tale of Despereaux and Christopher Mouse
Which stories are set in the Metropolitan musuem of art?
Christopher Mouse and Mixed up files of Basil...
Which stories are about business?
The Lemonade War and Lawn Boy
Which stories are mysteries?
Room One
Half-Moon investigations
Harry Potter
The Door to time
Which stories are historical?
Turkey Walk
Sarah Plain and Tall
Island of the Blue Dolphins
Riding Freedom
Books about school?
Tale of a 4th grade nothing
the Homework Machine
Ramona the Pest