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What is the number one principal of peacetime training?
Replicate battlefield conditions
Primarily, there are three methods used to present training. What are they?
1. Demonstrate
2. Conference
3. Lecture
What does effective training require?
Personal time, energy, and guidance of commanders
What is the Army standard?
Train to the published standards in Tech Manuals -10 and -20
When does the greatest combat power result?
When leaders synchronize combat support and combat service support systems to compliment and reinforce one another.
Once soldiers and units have trained to the standard, how do they maintain proficiency?
Through sustainment training
Which FM covers Battle Focused Training?
FM 7-1
How do commanders determine their units METL?
based on war and external directives
What do leaders use to assess soldier, leader, and unit proficiency?
evaluations and other feedback
How should units train during peacetime?
Units should train in peacetime as they will fight in war.
The evaluation of collective training is critical to assessing what?
a unit's capability to perform its METL tasks
What is a battle roster?
Listing of individuals, crews, or elements that reflects capabilities, proficiencies, of critical tasks, and other information concerning war-fighting capabilities.
What is a TEWT and where is it conducted?
Tactical Exercise without troops. conducted on actual terrain with unit leaders and staffs without soldiers.
What must soldiers, leaders, and units be proficient in to perform their mission under battlefield conditions
basic skills required to perform their mission under battlefield conditions.
Where may the CPX )Command Post Exercise) be conducted?
The CPX may be conducted in from garrison locations or in between participating headquarters.
Should all maintenance be on the unit's training schedule?
What are STX's?
mission related limited exercises designed to train once collective task, or a group of related tasks and drills, through practice.
What drives the METL development process?
Battle Focus
What is the AAR?
a structured review process that allows training participants to discover for themselves what happened, why, and how it can be done better.
Where does the CFX lay?
The CFX lies on a scale between the CPX and FTX
What is the next step for the battalion commander once the METL is developed?
Once METL is developed, the battalion commander briefs his next higher wartime commander who approves the METL
What is a battle drill?
a collective action rapidly executed without applying a deliberate decision making process.
Who do AC commanders brief the QTB to?
AC commanders brief the QTB to the commanders two levels above
What is the LCX
Allows leaders to become proficient at performing unit sustainment operations.
How can commanders insure that training is effective?
They must personally observe and assess training.