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Whatis the scientific ORDER that bats belong to?
Chiroptera (ki-RAHP-ter-uh)
What is the system of navigation in which sounds sent out by bats come back as echoes that are interpreted to supply information about food, location, etc.?
What are the dropping of bats that is used for fertilizer called?
What do bats do during the winter months when it is called and their bodily functions slow down?
What is the sub-order of LARGE bats called?
What is the sub-order of SMALL bats called?
What are the glands called in mamals that produce milk?
Mammary Glands
What is an animal called when it is active primarily at NIGHT?
What are the flaps and folds of skin and tissue around the noses of bats called?
Nose Leaves
What are the caves called where female bats go to bear and raise their young called?
Nursery Caves
What is the normal position of the bat when it is not flying?
Head down
What does a bat hang by when it is head down?
Its toes
What is the first thing a bat does after it is born?
Nurses from its mother
How does a mother bat recognize her baby?
By sound--and then by licking and smelling it
Name one thing we treasure bats for.
1. Seed dispersers
2. Pollinators
3. Insect eaters