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bastare I intr
(essere sufficiente)
to be enough, to be sufficient;
(durare) to last
un ora basterà
one hour will be enough
basteranno cinque dollari?
will five dollars do
fare bastare
to eke out, to stretch
mi basta poco
my needs are few

I don't need much
basta e avanza
that's plenty
bastare infila la spina
all you have to do is plug it in
basta un'occhiata per vedere che
you can tell at a glance that
basti dire che
suffice it to say that
bastava solo che lo chiedessi
you had only to ask
basta cosi!
that'll do!

that's enough!
dimmi (quando) basta (versando la bere)
tell me when

say when
come se non bastasse
on top of this,

to top it all

and what is more
basta che
as long as
basta a se stesso
to be self-sufficient