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Bounce Pass
A pass that is bounced to the floor and rebounde to the reciever.
A way to advance the ball by bouncing it to the floorand back.
An infraction of the rules for which the opponent is awarded the ball or one or more free throws.Five of these on an individual player and you are eliminated from the game.
Free Throw
An ungarded shot at the basket taken by a player fouled in the act of shooting or whenn the fouling team is over the team limits on fouls.
Jump Ball
a jump in a restraining circle to tap a ball tossed between to opponents by an official.These are taken to start the ball game.
Person to Person Defense
A type of defense in which each player has an assigned opponent to gaurd.
Zone Defense
A type of defence in which players are responsible for gaurding areas of the court rather than indivisual players.
An offensive play to delay an opponante from gaurding a teammate.
Moving while holding the ball.
Double Dribble
A violation caused by dribbling and stopping then dribblingagain.Once you stop dribbling you must either shoot or pass the ball.
Chest Pass
A short quick push pass from the chest.The pass most used in basketball.
A shot taken from the right or left side of the basket made from a position close to the basket.