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5 points of Cell theory
1. All living things are made of cells
2.The cell is the basic functional unit of life.
3. Chemical reactions of life take place in the cell.
Cells come from only pre-existing cells
5. Cells carry genetic info in the DNA. It is passed from parent to daughter cell.
Cell membrane
Regulates the passage of materials in and out.

It is a phospholipid bilayer.

It is permeable to small, non polar hydrophobic molcules (O2) and small polar molecules (water).
Conduct protein production.

They are made in the nucleolus.
Endoplasmic Reticulum
Transports materials through the cell.
Golgi Apparatus
Recieves vesicles from the smooth ER, modifies them, repackages them and sends them to the cell surface.
Sites of aerobic respiration; suppliers of energy.

They have an inner and outer phospholibid bilayer.
Metabolic activity of the cell occurs here.
Involved in spindle organization during cell division.

Plant cells do not have centrioles.
Break down materials ingested by the cell.
Plant cells
1. No centrosome

2. Have a cell wall

3. Have chloroplasts

4. No lysosomes

5. One large vacuole.
Simple Diffusion
Movement of particles down their concentration gradient. It is passive (no energy required)
Simple diffusion of water.

Hypertonic solution - more water in cell than out (causes cell to shrivel)

Hypotonic solution - More water out than inside the cell (causes cell to lyse)

Isotonic solution - Good regulation.
Facilitated Diffusion
Movement of particles down their concentration gradient through channels or carrier proteins. No energy required.
Active Transport
Movement of particles against their concentration graident.