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amo, -are, amavi 1
to love
aro, -are, aravi 1
to plow
do, dare, dedi 1
to give
laboro, -are, laboravi 1
to work
porto, -are, portavi 1
to carry
voco, -are, vocavi 1
to call
debeo, -ere, debui 2
to owe, ought to, must, should
habeo, -ere, habui 2
to have
moneo, -ere, monui 2
to warn
sedeo, -ere, sedi 2
to sit
video, -ere, vidi 2
to see
ago, -ere, egi 3
to drive
carpo, -ere, carpsi 3
to pluck
dico, -ere, dixi 3
to say
duco, -ere, duxi 3
to lead
lego, -ere, legi 3
to read
mitto, -ere, misi 3
to send
pasco, -ere, pavi 3
to feed
pono, -ere, posui 3
to place
audio, -ire, audivi 4
to hear
venio, -ere, veni 4
to come
capio, -ere, cepi 3i
to take
facio, -ere, feci 3i
to make, do
sum, esse, fui irr
to be
possum, posse, potui
to be able
eo, ire, ii (ivi) irr
to go
fero, ferre, tuli irr
to carry, bring