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In this type of situation, all elements of prod. w/ proper rhythm are practiced just b4 paying audience
dress rehearsal
Dominant source of light on subject other than area light or highlight
key light
"bird's eye view of the stage" which shows placement of set on stage floor
ground/floor plan
Person who is responsible for quality & integrity of prod. in season of prod. Does not invest own money, approves all staffing, selects the season
artistic director
Type of theatre facility/stage where aud. seated all around stage
Person employed by producer/ producing group to hang stage lighting equip. Crew head for lighting technicians not employed by building owner
production electrician
Artistic controller, money backer, ultimate boss for all aspects of commercial prod. (not season)
Hired by building owner, resp. for elec. and stage lighting technicians and for setup/removal of lighting equip. in facility
house electrician
Person supervises all tech aspects, produces a season of shows. Not a union pos.
technical director
Person responsible for formulating concept for garment and accesory design
costume designer
Style of performance and design presents biased viewpoint of action seen thru eyes of central charac.
Person responsible for recording blocking and calling of all cues. Total control of activites dur. perf.
stage manager
Complete name of union that handles prof. costume, scenic and lighting designers
United Scenic Artist (USA)
The way we are going to approach presentation of piece in designated venue
Person responsible for creating illumination/visibility concept for prod.
lighting designer
Name given to scenic style that distorts and exaggerates reality. Normally assoc. word "cartoon" w/ this style
Graphic display of placement of lighting fixtures in venue usu drawn to scale
lighting plot
When one can clearly see through a material
Drawing that shows "side view" of set and height of obj.
vertical cross section
When drawing is made in direct proportions to obj or set being built, said to be
drawn to scale
Scenic style that presents factual info in entertaining manner
Person that manages financial matters for season of prof. prod
managing director
Type of facility/stage aud seated on one end of room and performers on other end usu on elev. stage
Type of facility/stage aud surrounds 3 sides of stage, which projects from stage space reserved fo scenery, performer entrance and exit
Type of lighting used to diminish shadows on subject
Person is right hand to person responsible for creating concept for garment for stage prod
Approach or vision director is going to use to present piece in designated venue
Name of union that handles pro. stage hands, union movie hands, pro ticket sellers and ticket taskers etc
Person hired by producer/producing group responsible for setup and striking
production carpenter
When one can'e see clearly through but light passes through material
3 names for talent unions in entertainment industry known as "3 A's"