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DOD is headed by who?
1. chief of staff
2. sec of defense
3. cno
4. congress
2. Secretary of Defense
DOD was created in what year?
1. 1945
2. 1947
3. 1950
4. 1954
By law the secretaries of each branch are____________?
1. military person
2. civilian appointees
3. former governor
4. retire military
2. Civilian appointees
What is the mission of the Navy?
1. protect and defend
2. Maintain, train, equip combat ready naval forces and maintain freedom of the seas
3. six months deployment
4. none of the above
2. Maintain, train, equip combat ready naval forces and maintain freedom of the seas
Department of the Navy consists of what 2 uniformed services?
1. navy and army
2. navy and air force
3. navy and marine
4. all of the above
Navy and Marines
What year was the Department of the Navy established?
1. 13 oct 1775
2. 4 july 1776
3. 30 apr 1798
4. 4 jun 1955
30 Apr 1798
What year was the Navy established?
1. 4 july 1776
2. 13 oct 1775
3. 30 apr 1798
4. 3 may 1774
13 Oct 1775
The shore establishment provides support to the operating forces known as____________?
1. the ships
2. the crew
3. the mission
4. the fleet
"the fleet"
What are the 3 military departments of the Department of Defense (DOD)?
1. army, navy, marines
2. air force, marines, army
3. navy, army, air force
4. air force, navy, marines
3. Navy
Air Force
What are the 3 basic components of the Department of the Navy?
1. Navy department, Operating forces, Shore establishment
2. weapons, supply, admin
3. civilian contractors, postal service, seabees
4. combat, air, sea
1. Navy department
Operating forces
Shore establishment
What are the 2 Departments the Coast Guard operate under?
1. navy and air force
2. navy and transportation
3. marines and navy
4. navy and coast guard
2. During Wartime - Department of the Navy.
During Peactime - Department of Transportation
Aboard ship you can find the ship's organization and regulations in what publication?
1. sorm
2. abandon ship doctr.
3. plankowner manual
4. cic
1. Shipboard Organization and Regulation Manual
Name 2 elements of the ship's organization.
1. operations and admin
2. battle and admin
3. crew and officers
4. training and combat
2. Battle organization
Administrative organization
Who is responsible for the safety, well being and efficiency of a command?
1. enlisted
2. co
3. everyone
4. officers
Who is the senior enlisted member who acts as a liaison between the officer and enlisted community?
1. warrant officer
2. senior most lpo
3. cmc
4. chiefs
Command Master Chief
What regulation has an entire chapter covering Commanding Officer duties?
1. standing orders
2. navy regs
3. military regs
4. all of the above
2. Navy Regs
A Commanding Officer has authority equal to responsibility, including the power to impose limited punishment, can this be delegated?
1. no
2. yes
3. sometimes
1. No
Who transmits ideas and recommmendations directly to the CO?
1. jr. sailor
2. senior enlisted person
3. anybody
4. nobody
2. Senior enlisted person
What is the basic unit of a shipboard organization?
1. chiefs
2. officers
3. crew
4. division