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List the security classifications.
The three levels of security are—
a. Top Secret
b. Secret
c. Confidential
What does FOUO stand for?
FOUO means For Official Use Only.
Who is authorized to initiate a request for a security clearance and background investigation?
Commanding officers are authorized to initiate a request for a security clearance and background investigation.
A background investigation is required for what levels of security clearances?
A background investigation is required for Top Secret and Secret clearances.
What does a letter in parentheses, such as (S), after a publication title tell you about the publication?
A letter in parentheses, such as (S), after a publication title tells you the classification of that publication.
How are classified material such as videotapes, cassettes, and computer disks marked?
Classified material, such as videotapes, cassettes, and computer disks, are marked by tags, stickers, decals, and so on.
A publication contains Confidential material, except for one paragraph that contains Top Secret material. How is this publication marked?
Publications carry the security marking of the highest level of material contained in the publication; therefore, this publication is marked Top Secret.
What type of area is used to keep classified material?
Security areas are used to keep classified material.
What type of material is safeguarded through ADP Security?
ADP security is used to safeguard data processing equipment (computers) including hardware, software, administrative and operating procedures, communications, and personnel and spaces.
You are making your rounds as a roving security patrol and discover that the door to the radio room is unlocked and the room unattended. What action should you take?
If you find an unattended room with an open and unlocked security container, you should contact the senior duty officer to report a security violation. Then, stand guard over the space until the duty officer arrives.
The least secure system of communication should never be used to discuss classified material. What is the least secure communications means and why should it never be used to discuss classified material?
The least secure communications means is the telephone. Never use telephones to discuss classified material because they can be physically and electronically wiretapped.
You are on leave away from your command. You meet someone who starts asking questions about your command and its mission. What should you do?
If you meet someone who starts asking questions about your command and its mission, you should report the incident to the nearest military activity.
What are the two most publicized methods of terrorism?
The two most publicized forms of terrorism are—
a. Taking hostages
b. Bombing
Where is the likely spot for a terrorist bombing to occur?
Terrorists are likely to bomb places of business that serve a high volume of people such as airports, nightclubs, and restaurants.
What form is used to record bomb threats received over the phone?
To report a bomb threat made over the telephone, use Telephonic Threat Complaint, OPNAV Form 5527/8.
If you receive a bomb threat over the phone, what should you do?
If you receive a bomb threat over the phone, you should—
a. Keep the caller on the line and get as much information as possible.
b. Record in writing the caller’s conversation.
c. Ask caller where’s the bomb, what type of bomb, time of detonation, and what it looks like.
d. Try to determine sex, age, attitude of caller, and accents or speech impediments; try to remember background noises.
What is the main purpose of the SOFA?
The main purpose of the SOFA is to define the status of military personnel of one country stationed in a territory of another.
What document dictates the treatment of POWs?
The treatment of POWs is covered by the Geneva Convention.
What is the purpose of the Law of Armed Conflict?
The purpose of the Law of Armed Conflict is to govern the conduct of military personnel engaged in fighting.
How many security classifications does the Navy use to identify classified material?
Three (Top Secret, Secret, and Confidential)
Which of the following security classifications is used for information or material that requires the highest degree of protection?
Top Secret
True or False. Having a security clearance automatically grants you access to classified material.
True or False. To get a security clearance, you must be a United States citizen.
Which of the following infractions will cause a Sailor’s CO to report that infraction to Department of the Navy Central Adjudication Facility (DON CAF)?
1. Criminal conduct
2. General inaptitude
3. Noncompliance with security requirements
Classified material is assigned a security classification for which of the following reasons?
1. To ensure personnel are aware of the classified nature of the material
2. To ensure the material receives the degree of protection required
3. To assist in extracting, paraphrasing, downgrading, and declassifying actions
If a publication contains unclassified, FOUO, Confidential, Secret, and Top Secret information, what security classification is assigned?
Top Secret
If you need to find the rules for transmitting classified material, you should refer to what SECNAV instruction?
SECNAV 5510.36
True or False. Classified information is not transmitted over the telephone except when authorized on approved, secure communications circuits.
Which of the following is a concern of ADP security?
1. Hardware
2. Software
3. Admin procedures
What term defines classified material that is lost, stolen, captured, salvaged, or seen by unauthorized personnel?
What type of communications is one of the least secure communications systems?
What action, if any, should you take if you suspect someone you know is compromising classified material?
Report it to the command security officer
True or False. Terrorists try to force governments or societies to take certain actions for political, religious, or ideological purposes.
The greatest publicity is given to which of the following terrorism methods?
Taking hostages and Bombings
Which of the following threat conditions affords the highest degree of readiness?
The Status of Forces Agreement covers which of the following topics?
Taxes, Criminal jurisdiction, and Passport requirements
In what year did the Geneva Convention establish certain rights for prisoners of war?
The Law of Armed Conflict prohibits which of the following techniques or tactics?
Rape, Pillage, and Plunder
The Geneva Convention recognizes a prisoner’s right to try to escape. Which of the following disciplinary actions may be taken when a prisoner is caught in an escape attempt?
Stoppage of extra privileges and Confinement