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Dose rate is expressed in roentgens, are they gamma ray measurements only?
What does the acronym radiac stand for?
Radioactivity detection, indication, and computation
The nonself-reading, high-range casualty dosimeter measures what maximum amount of gamma radiation?
600 roentgens
What kit is used to check areas suspected to have been contaminated by CW agents?
What actions should personnel topside take if an airburst occurs?
1. Close their eyes 2. Drop to the deck 3. Cover as much exposed skin as possible
What piece of protective equipment is/are the most important in protecting you against CBR agents?
Protective mask
Protective masks serve how many functions?
Two—Filter air, Purify
You should be able to don and adjust your protective mask in what maximum amount of time?
10 seconds
The MCU-2/P protective mask has how many voice emitters?
The chemical protective overgarment consists of how many parts?
two pieces—a smock and trousers
The E-2C Hawkeye belongs to what class of aircraft?
The S-3 Viking belongs to what class of aircraft?
What helicopter is designated for ASW use?
SH-60B Seahawk
What helicopter operates and tows mine countermeasures devices?
CH-53D Sea Stallion
What characteristics define a custom?
An act that is continued consistently over a long period of time. A well-defined and uniformly followed act. A generally accepted act not opposed to a statute, lawful regulation, or order.
What is the most common salute?
When in uniform, Navy personnel are required to salute when which of the following situations occurs?
1. Meeting officers 2. Hearing the national anthem 3. Approaching the national ensign
In a normal situation, how many paces from the person being saluted should the hand salute be rendered?
You may salute with your left hand when what situations occurs?
When in complete uniform and your right hand is injured
Salutes are rendered to all officers of the U.S. and foreign armed services. Officers belonging to what organizations are also entitled to salutes?
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or the Public Health Service
The mouth-to-nose technique for administering artificial ventilation is effective on What victims?
The victim who is very young or has extensive facial injuries
When using the back pressure/arm lift technique for administering artificial ventilation, you should repeat the cycle how many times per minute?
10 to 12
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) should be started within how many minutes of the onset of cardiac arrest?
When administering CPR, you should place your hands on what area of the victim’s chest?
On the upper part of the sternum, directly between the nipples.
When using the one-rescuer CPR technique, you should administer how many compressions per minute?
60 to 80
When using the one-rescuer CPR technique, you should give how many ventilations after each set of compressions?
When using the two-rescuer CPR technique, you should use what ratio of compressions to ventilations?
5 to 1 as per the BMR and for the test, but the Red Cross and the AHA both teach 15 to 2 in all situations.
What is one of the most reliable indications of a blocked airway in a conscious person?
Inability to speak
You are assisting a person who is choking. What is the first action you should take?
Apply the standing abdominal thrust to the victim
The average adult body contains about how much blood.
5 quarts (4.75 liters) of blood
Does every firearm used by Navy personnel have some type of safety device built in?
The M14 rifle is best described by which of the following groups of characteristics?
Lightweight, gas-operated, magazine-fed, capable of semiautomatic or automatic fire
What types of ammunition are used with the M14 rifle?
7.62-mm NATO cartridge, 20-round magazine, and M76 grenade launcher
What is the maximum range of the M14 rifle?
4,075 yards
The M16A1 and M16A2 rifles have what characteristics?
Magazine-fed, gas-operated shoulder weapons
For what cartridge is the M1QA1 rifle chambered?
5.56 mm
What is the maximum magazine capacity of the M16A1 rifle?
30 rounds
What is the muzzle velocity of the M16A1 and M1QA2 rifles?
3,000 feet per second
What means is used to adjust the rear sights of the M16A2 rifle?
A windage knob and an elevation knob
What is the first step to take when handling any weapon?
Point the selector lever toward SAFE
In 1843, what invention incorporated in the USS Princeton paved the way for progress in the development of propulsion systems?
The screw propeller
In 1854, Commodore Perry signed a treaty that opened up what market to American trade?
Although neither side could claim victory, the battle between the USS Monitor and the Virginia (Merrimack) was important for which of the following reasons?
The battle began the era of the ironclads
The first true submarine attack was conducted against what Union ship?
USS Housatonic
During what Civil War battle was the order “Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!” given?
Mobile Bay
What person defined sea power, showed the importance of knowing naval needs, and advocated a large, powerful Navy?
Alfred T. Mahan
What ship has been labeled as the first modern cruiser in the U.S. Fleet?
USS Newark
“Remember the Maine,” referring to the USS Maine, was the battle cry for which war?
The Spanish-American War
In what year did the Navy accept its first operational submarine?
Who was the Navy’s first aviator?
Lt. Ellyson , 1911
You are an E-2 and are eligible for advancement. What person advances you?
Commanding officer
What are categories of the final multiple that determines which personnel are promoted to paygrades E-4 through E-6?
1. Merit rating, Personnel testing, Experience
In the Navy, there are how many types of duty?
Three – Sea Shore Neutral
What statement describes sea duty?
1. Duty performed in commissioned vessels or activities home ported/home based in CONUS that operate away from the home port/home base in excess of 150 days per year
What form should you submit to indicate your duty preference?
NAVPERS 1306/63
You have just arrived at your first duty station. You should submit a duty preference form after what period of time?
6 months
What is the most significant personnel management tool in your service record?
The Evaluation Report and Counseling Record
What is the main purpose of the Evaluation Report and Counseling Record?
For BUPERS to use when making advancement-in-rate assignment decisions
What is meant if you are assigned a 3.0 on an evaluation?
Your performance meets standards
How many traits are evaluated on the Evaluation Report and Counseling Record?
Seven traits for seven seas.
Why should the selector be on SAFE during assembly and disassembly?
To prevent damage to the automatic sear
When the selection lever is in the burst position, the M1QA1 rifle fires in what way?
In short bursts of three rounds
The M16A1 rifle is clear when which of the following conditions are met?
No case or round is in the chamber and the magazine is out, the bolt carrier is to the rear and the selector lever is on the SAFE position
When cleaning the barrel bore and chamber of the M16A1 rifle, you should not reverse the brush while in the bore for what reason?
The bore may jam
What parts of the barrel bore and chamber should you lubricate after you’ve finished cleaning them?
The lugs in the barrel extension
When cleaning ammunition magazines, why do you need to make sure the magazine is dry?
The magazine and ammunition can corrode and become dangerous to use
The .38-caliber revolver is best described by which characteristics?
Cylinder-loading, single- or double-action, manually operated hand gun
The .45-caliber service pistol is best described by which characteristics?
Semiautomatic, recoil-operated, magazine-fed hand gun
The .45-caliber revolver has what maximum range and maximum effective range, respectively?
1,500 yards, 50 yards
The magazine capacity of the 9mm service pistol can hold how many rounds in the magazine?
15 rounds
In what war did women first serve as members of the Navy?
World War I
In what capacity did women first serve as members of the Navy?
What was the first aircraft carrier designed from the keel up?
USS Ranger
What was the first naval battle of World War II in which two opposing fleets didn’t see each other during combat?
The Battle of the Coral Sea
What was the decisive battle of World War II that became the turning point of the war in the Pacific?
The Battle of Midway
During World War II, the Japanese loss/losses of what island(s) heralded the end of the war in the Pacific?
Iwo Jima
During World War II, the Navy was heavily involved in which of the following Atlantic (European) actions?
The invasion of Normandy
Which combat systems came into full use during World War II?
Radar and Sonar
During World War II, WAVES were eligible for how many ratings?
In what year was the Women’s Armed Services Integration Act passed?