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the transporting, storing, and handling of goods in ways that match target customers' needs with a firm's marketing mix
Physical Distribution
Another common name for logistics
Customer Service Level
how rapidly and dependably a firm can deliver what they, the customers, want
Physical Distribution Concept
all transporting, storing, and product-handling activities of a business and a whole channel system should be coordinated as one system
Total Cost Approach
evaluating each possible PD system and identifying all of the costs of each alternative
Supply chain
the complete set of firms and facilities and logistics activities that are involved in procuring materials, transforming them into intermediate or finished products
Electronic data interchange
an approach that puts information in a standardized format easily shared between different computer systems
the marketing function of moving goods
grouping individual items into an economical shipping quantity and sealing them into protective containers for transit to the final destination
Piggyback service
loading truck trailers- or flatbed trailers carrying containers- on railcars to provide both speed and flexibility
The marketing function of holding goods so they're available when they're needed.
the amount of goods being stored
Private warehouses
Storing facilities owned or leased by companies for their own use
Public Warehouses
independent storing facilities
Distribution center
a special kind of warehouse designed to speed the flow of goods and avoid unnecessary storing costs