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How are you?
Ahnyong hasimnika

Ahnyong haseyo
Pleased to meet you
Bangap sumnida
I am fine or It's good
Juhn gwen chan ah yo

Josum nida
Good-bye (when your guest is leaving)

(When you are leaving)
Ahnyonghee kaseyo

Ahnyonghee gyeseyo
Excuse me
Sillae hamnida
Thank you
Kamsa hamnida

Komup Hamnida
Help me
Dowa juseyo

Butak hamnida
Give me
Where is the toilet?
Whajangsil, oudi imnika
Please show me the way to City Hall
Shi chung eeaw dee it sum nee ka?

Shi-chung ee aw dee it sum nika?
Please speak slowly
Chonchonhee malhaejuseyo
Let's go downtown
Sinaero Ka-juseyo
How much is it?
It is too expensive
Neomu bisayo