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How many fire pumps are on the GW?
Twenty Two
The compartment numbering system used onboard the GW consists of how many parts?
what is the most important issue in controlling flooding?
Hold what you have and prevent progressive flooding
How can flooding water be removed from the GW?
Installed drainage systems: main, secondary, & miscellaneous drains Portable Equipment P-100 pump, Eductors: Peri jet, S-type, Submersible pumps; Bucket & Swab
What does the term progressive flooding mean?
Water that continues to spread from one compartment to another unchecked
What repair locker is designated secondary DC Central?
Repair three
What does the term flooding mean?
The unplanned introduction of water into the ship
Using the given example 3-75-4-M state what each letter and number means.
3-Third deck, 75-fwd most frame in the compartement, 4-the second compartment from the centerline on port side, M-Magazine
How many fire pumps onboard the GW are steam powered?
What makes underwater battle damage more dangerous than above water damage?
Reduction of stability due to flooding
Where are secondary fire booundaries establishes in relation to the primary fire booundaries?
The first transverseee watertight bulkhead foward and aft of the primary fire boundaries
What are three types of heat transfer?
Radiation, convection, conduction.
What is the best extinguishing agent for a class "D" fire?
Very large amounts of water either by high or low velocity fog
How many fire pumps are onboare the GW are electric powered?
What is the J-dial number used to report casualties?
What is the best extinguishing agent for a class "B" fire?
Halon, AFFF, PKP
Where the ships emergency phone number ring at sea?
DC Central & the Bridge
What are the three components of the fire triangle?
Fuel, Heat, & Oxygen
White smoke would indicate what type of fire is burning?
Class Alpha fire
How many major repair lockers are there onboard the GW?
A class Bravo fire involves the burning of wat materials?
Black smoke is an indicator of what type of fire?
Class Bravo fire
What is the best extinguishing agent for a class "C" fire?
Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
What calss of fire produces ash?
Class Alpha fire
Where the ships emergency phone number ring inport?
Quarterdeck & DC Central
The burning of electrical material is involved in whatclass of fire?
Class Charlie fire
Blue smoke is an indicator of what class of fire?
Class Charlie fire
What is the purpose of M-291 kit?
Personnel Decontamination
What is the best extinguishing agent for a class "A" fire?
High velocity or low velocity fog
Thick black smoke indicated what type of fire?
Class Delta fire
What burns during a class delta fire?
Special hazard & burning metals
How many unit lockers are onboard the GW?
twenty five
Where is DC Central located?
What RADIAC instrument is designed for shipboard installation or portable operation?
What equipment is recommended for dewatering compartments containing debris?
Peri jet eductor
what chemical agents cause such temporary discomforts as vomiting, coughing, nausea & tearing?
Incapacitating Agents or Riot Control Agents
What nuclear blast causes the greateest contamination?
Surface Blast
What is the last article of protective clothing you would remove when passin through a personnel decontamination station?
protective mask
what is the primary use of the expolsimeter?
To detect explosive gases
what is the maximum number of casualty power cables that can be rigged to Brisket terminals?
What is the pproper method of connecting casualty power?
Start at the unit to be energized and work toward the source of power
What is the purpose of rigging jumper hoses?
Restoring salt water services to damaged areas
Wheere does the countermeasure washdown system get its water supply?
Firemain System
What type of firefighting breathing apparatus is currently in use?
SCBA- Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
AFFF is the primary extinguishing agent for what class of fire?
Class bravo fire
What is the purpose of the primary purpose of the electrical submersible pump?
Dewatering fluids free of heavy oils and large objects
what is the standard size eductor discharge hose and overboard connection?
2 1/2" up to 4"
What size SCBA cylinders do we have?
45 min & 30 min
what is the primary purpose of the eductor?
Pumping contaminated liquids
What is the primaary use of PKP?
Extinguishing Class "B" fires
Who is in charge at the scene of a fire?
The On Scene Leader
What does a class "D" fire involve?
Special hazards & burnable metals
When using a PKP to fight a class "B" fire what part of the fire tetrahedron is being inhibited or eliminated?
the chemical chain reaction
What does a class "B" fire involve?
Flamable liquids
What does a class "A" fire involve?
Ordinary combustibles that leave an ash
Which pricnipal of heat transfer involves direct contact?
What should be secured when isolating a fire area?
Doors, hatches, ventillation, and electrical power
When over hauling a class "C" fire who assists the electrician?
Which principal of heat transfer involves the movement of air?
What equipment is required for the firefighters to enter a burning compartment?
SCBA, fire fighting helmet, anti-flash hood, fire fighting gloves and an "FFE" in "B" fires.