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What are the 4 main organelles important to making proteins?
1. nucleus
2. ribosomes
3. rough endoplasmic reticulum
4. Golgi apparatus
DNA makes __________
RNA makes ___________
Only one organelle physically assembles the polypeptides needed for the protein, the ____________
WHere is DNA housed
Can it leave?
RNA is made in the _________
DNA is inside the nucleus and protein synth machinery is outside nucleus. How does the plan of the DNA get out?
RNA is small enough to slip out of the nucleus into the cytoplasm where it brings information to making the protein.
What makes up a protein?
Amino acids stuck together in the right order forming a polypeptide. When folded in a certain shape w/ other polypeptides then it is a protein.
Define Nucleus
membrane-bounded large organelle holds DNA. Nuclear membrane - a double membrane with large holes created by proteins called nuclear pores. RNA can espcape through Nuclear pores, but no DNA.
What is a ribosome?
body containing RNA - the only place where proteins are made.
Where are ribosomes found?
Some float freely in cell and some are attached to the endoplasmic reticulum (rER) making it a rough endoplasmic reticulum.
If a cell wants to secrete a protein or insert a new protein into its plasma membrane what four organelles does it need?
1. Nucleus
2. Ribosome
3. rER
4. Golgi Apparatus
What does the rER look like?
A series of flattened sacs of membranes that are studded all along their outside with ribosomes. The sacs are all connected with one another so that they share a common internalspace callen a lumen.
What does the RER do?
The rER is where protiens that will be screted or remain with the membrane are manufactured (on the ribosomes of the eER, of course.)
If you want something big to cross a cell wall, you need to transport it in a ________
When a cell spits out a protein in a vesicle it is called ______________
What does the Golgi complex look like?
Series of flattened membrace sacs seperate from one another and stacked on top or each other.
What does the Golgi complex do?
Recieves vesicles from the rER, it modifies them and sorts them.