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what is the primary function of the basal ganglia?
-to coordinate motor activity with the cerebellum
what do we find in the striatum?
-medium spiny neurons expressing the D1 receptor
-GABA associated with substance P and dynorphin
what do we find in the matrix?
-medium spiny neurons expressing the D2 receptor
-GABA associated with encephalin
what do giant aspiny neurons use as their NT?
what does the dorsal striatum include?
-caudate and putamen
what is the effect of dopamine at D1 and D2 receptors?
-D1 inc resting neuronal activity
-D2 dec resting activity
what is the net effect of the direct pathway?
-inhibits the thalamic inhibition
-results in a net inc in thalamic activity
where does the direct pathway start and end?
-goes directly from the striatum to the GPi/SNpr
what is the net effect of the indirect pathway?
-dec in thalamic activity
what are hypokinetic disorders?
-where the SNpc has diminished or no significant release of DA into the striatum
what are choreiform disorders?
-deficiency in the amount of D2 neurons
-normal DA levels
-leads to overactivity of thalamic neurons which overly stimulate motor cortex