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a chaleco (L.Am./N, idiom)
obligatorily, having to do something (They had to put him in the klink.)
A chaleco lo pusieron en la cana.
a cuarenta y se acabó la cuenta (L.Am./N, idiom, vulg.)
retort to someone who says "
A veinte" responding to an insult to his/her mother.
(Your mother!And twenty of yours! And forty of yours and that's it!)
¡Tu madre! ¡A veinte! ¡A cuarenta y se acabó la cuenta!
a este paso (L.Am, idiom)
at this rate この調子では
(At this rate we are never going to stop fighting.)
A este paso nunca vamos a terminar de pelar.
a golpe de alpargata (Spain, idiom)
to walk, to go on foot
(He is going on foot.)
Va a golpe de alpargata.
a golpe de calcetín (L.Am/N, idiom, hum.)
(Since the elevator wasn't working we had to walk five flights hoofing it.)
Como no servía el elevador, tuvimos que subir cinco pisos a golpe de calcetín.
a grito pelado (L.Am/S, idiom)
with raised voice 甲高い声で, yelling, screaming 怒鳴り声で
(Alberto lamented his mother's death with a screaming bout.)
Alberto lamentó a grito pelado la muerte de su madre.
a huevo (Spain, idiom)
easy, without difficulty (They give him the job on a silver platter. He didn't have to take a test or an interview.)
Le dieron el trabajo a huevo. No tuvo que examinarse ni entrevistarse.
a la bestia (Spain, idiom)
using force rather than intelligence or skill 知性よりも力づくで
(The boxer won the round by brute force.)
El boxeador ganó el asalto a la bestia.
a la brava (L.Am/N, idiom)
without care or concern (Since the new kid is very big he took my place just like that.)
Como el niño nuevo está muy grandote, me quitó mi lugar a la brava.
a la brigadina (Car, idiom)
poorly done; inferior manufacture 不完全な、でたらめに、中途半端に
(These new buildings were made half-assed.)
Esos nuevos edificios los hicieron a la brigadina.
a la cañona (Car, adv)
(I'm under the gun to finish this job for tomorrow.)
Tengo que terminar el trabajo a la cañona para mañana.
a la chingada (L.Am/N, idiom)
expression equivalent to "to hell" as in "go to hell" (Since the little drunk was bothering so much I told him to go to hell.)
Como estaba dando mucha lata el borrachito, lo mandé a la chingada.
a la marchanta (L.Am/S, idiom)
carelessly, hurried いいかげんに
(They painted that house fast and shoddy.)
Pintaron esa casa a la marchanta.
a las quinientas (L.Am/S, idiom)
very late at night 真夜中に(Every time that Jose goes out with his friends he returns in the wee hours of the morning.)
Cada vez que José sale con sus amigos vuelve a la qunientas.
a lo loco (L.Am, idiom)
crazily, on a lark ふざけて、いたずらで、面白半分で
(We decided to take the trip on a lark.)
Decidimos hacer el viaje a lo loco.
a los pedos (L.Am/S, idiom)
fast, speeding, like a bat out of hell 猛スピードで、大急ぎで
(The car that hit Mari was going like a bat out of hell.)
El carro que atropelló a Mari corría a los pedos.
a medios (L.Am, idiom, hum)
half drunk
(My uncle Roberto is half lit every day.)
Mi tío Roberto anda a medios todos dos días.
a morir (L.Am/N, idiom)
much (Going to the office this morning, there were a lot of people on the subway.)
Hoy cuando venía a la oficina por la mañana, había gente a morir en el metro.
a palo seco (Spain, idiom)
to drink something straight (I don't know how you can drink gin straight.)
No sé cómo puedes tomar la ginebra a palo seco.
a patín (L.Am/N, idiom, hum)
on foot, walking 徒歩で
(Since we didn't have change after the movie, we came back on foot.)
Como no traíamos dinero después del cine, nos venimos a patín.