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Acute diarrhea last for?
Less than 2 week duration
Chronic diarrhea last for?
over 4 weeks
Subacute diarrhea last for?
2-4 weeks
Passage of abnormally liquid or poorly formed stool in increased frequency
Undercooked chicken can harbor?
Salmonella or Shingles
Undercooked hamburgers can harbor?
Enterohemorrhagic E coli
Mayonnaise can harbor?
Staphylcoccus aures or Salmonella
Raw Seafood can harbor?
Hepatitis A
Diarrhea within 6 hours of eating a salad containing mayonnaise suggests?
S aureus
Diarrhea within 8-12 hours of eating a salad containing mayonnaise suggests?
Clostridium perfringens
Diarrhea within12-14 hours of eating a salad containing mayonnaise suggests?
E coli
Daycare settings are particularly common for which organisms?
Rotavirus to be transmitted
Nursing home or hospitalized pts are particularly common for which organisms?
C dif if on a/b
Traveler's diarrhea
characterized by greater than 3 loose stools in a 24 hr period accompanied by abdominal cramping, nausea, vomiting, fever or tenesmus
Most cases of Traveler's diarrhea typically occurs within?
2 weeks of travel
Past and Recent Medical History should include
1 New/ Differ meds?
2 New/ Differ foods?
3 Travel history?
4 Co worker, classmates or family members with similar symptoms?
Questions about stool?
1 How does it look?
2 Any different that usual?
3 How often?
4 Amount?
5 Any distinct odor?
5 How long after food does diarrhea occur?
6 Tried anything for it?
7 Blood in stool?
Fever, Abd pain, headache, flu sympts, N/V, different symptoms
Change in urinary habits
Campers are often affected by which organism?
Traveler's to Mexico frequently contract?
entertoxigenic E coli
Common viral etiologies of traveler's diarrhea?
Common bacterial etiologies of traveler's diarrhea?
1 E coli
2 Salmonella
3 Shigella
3 Vibrio non cholera
4 Campylobacter
Common parasitic etiologies of traveler's diarrhea?
1 Giardia lamblia
2 E histolytica
3 Cryptosporidium parvum
Examination of the stool for leukocytes is a simple, inexpensive test that helps to differentiate b/t the types of infectious diarrhea, if leuks are present, suspicion is higher for?

1 Yersinia
2 Enterohemorrhagic
3 Salmonella
4 Shigella
5 Enteroinvasive E coli
6 Entamoeba histolytica
7 Campylobacter
8 C dif
When should a test for ova & parasite be done?
It's usually unhelpful, do it if the history strongly points toward a parasitic source or the diarrhea is prolonged.
Check if stool has?
1 Blood?
2 Bile?
3 White?
4 Food in it?
5 Different color?