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1. What is our All clear signal?
1. ____________________
2. Desribe the branch entrance procedures in morning. What if the Manager is already in the branch?
2 employees arrive, make simple eye contact while one is the lookout and one enters the branch to search and set the all clear signal. If the Mgr. is in the branch, the Mgr. exits, locks the door, and becomes the lookout person while the other person performs the search and sets all clear signal.
3. What do you do if the all clear is not set within a reasonable amount of time?
3. Go to the designated evacuation site and call 911 and the bank's security center.
4. What is our account 101 word?
4. _____________________
5. You just got robbed and the robber is gone. What would your repsonse be if you answer the phone and hear: "This is ___________calling from Security. What is your account 101 balance?
5. You would give the code word and tell them you just got robbed.
6. What is the first thing to do after the robber leaves?
6. Lock your doors, activate all alarms, call 911, call your Lead, Admin, and District Manager.
7. You are being robbed, answer the phone and hear: "This is Security, what is your account 101 balance?"
7. You would NOT give the code word, say anything but the code word, and hang up on them.
8. If you have a false alarm, how would you respond to this call: "The is Security, what is the balance of Account 101?
8. Give the code word and tell them it is a false alarm.
9. What does MICL stand for?
Monetary Instrument Check Log
10. What Monetary Instruments are covered under a MICL?
Visa Gift Cards, Official Checks, Money Orders, International Drafts, Travelers Cheques. (VOMIT)
11. Under what circumstances would you file a MICL?
When any of the MICL items are purchased with $3000-$10,000 in currency.
12. What is a CTR?
A Currency transaction Report filed when there are transactions with over $10,000 in currency.
13. What would you file if someone exchanges $11,000 in 20's for 100's?
A CTR (Currency Transaction Report). You will need their Driver's License and physical address, and social security number.
14. What is an MSB?
A Money Service Business. These are businesses that sell money orders, wire transfers, and cash third party checks, for example, such as Money Tree and Fast Bucks.
15. What do you do if you know about an MSB?
You would notify your Manager and file an ISAR (Internal Suspicious Activity Report).
16. What are the procedures for processing an incoming cash shipment?
Accept shipment in dual control, verify it in dual control. Or, lock it up in dual control until it can be verified. It MUST be verified and accepted the same day. The shipping receipts and Cash Order Sheet with conf, # must be dual signed.