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what year did hotel and gvg open
how many rooms in hotel
131 - 10 suites, 100 kings, 21 double queens
where is the business center
terrace level, on your right as you get off elevator
where is the excercise room
turn right off the elevator on the terrace level, take a left down the hall and it's on the right
where can one get basic travel items and amenities
the sundries shop
who is O Henry
short story writer William Sydney Porter
Caldwell Ballroom is named after...
David Caldwell, educator who taught 4 NC governors
Hawkins-Brown room is named for...
Charlotte Hawkins-Brown, who operated a finishing school fro African Americansin Sedalia, NC
what does M&M stand for?
Merchants and Manufacturers
our 3 vice-presidents are...
Jim Slowin, Will Stevens, Bart Ortiz
where are the 4 Lucky 32 restaurants?
Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Raleigh, and Cary
includes bigotry, sexual harassment, theft, and use of alcohol and drugs. any instance will result in termination
staff members
food and beverage
1st mission statement
provide our guests with the highest quality food and drink at a good value
2nd mission statement
ensure that each guest receives promt, friendly, attentive service by a well trainedstaff in a clean, comfortable restaurant (pleasant acoustics, lighting, temperature, and aroma)
3rd mission statement
offer an outstanding menu plus an impressive selection of specials
4th mission statement
provide employment that is rewarding and offers education and opportunity
5th mission statement
generate profits that justify the investment, afford compensation to those who contribute, and allow the company to grow
on time means...
5 min before scheduled shift ready to work
we park...
to the left of lightpost face Wendover
dress code...
black long sleeve dress shirt that appears professionally starched, black pressed slacks, black shoes and socks, ladies hair pulled back, men's hair short and conservative
how do you know which event you're working?
look on the banquet white board
where do we enter and exit?
front door of GVG
how do we handle someone vouching for someone else's age?
I'm sorry, but NC state law says I have to see your ID to serve you alcohol, could i get you something else to drink?
are social security cards, virginia id cards, canadian drivers licenses, or student id cards acceptable proofs of age?
what to say to an intoxicated guest...
"i'm sorry sir/ma'am but i can't serve you anymore tonight, would you like a soda or coffee?"
filling sugar caddies is part of which sidework?
steel cabinets and grey carts #1
what should be checked by leadership before you can leave?
sidework, napkins, cleanliness of event area
what does BEO stand for?
Banquet Event Order
3 things to do during downtime
fold napkins, sidework, pulls
when is it acceptable to take a break?
never during service, and only with permission from leadership
what beverages are served with every event?
water, unsweet tea
consolidating steps means
full hands in, full hands out
a knife faces...
a coffee cup handle points...
to the inside
4 o clock
appropriate posture in an event is...
straight up, hands clasped in front or behind
perfect prebus after salads, entrees
salad forks and dressings, entree forks and knives, plates, bread and butter plates
handle glassware and stemware
as close to the bottom and by the stem
lemon in preset water?
before coffee service make sure these are on the table
sugar, creamer
napkin fold is...
bishop's hat
credit linen means?
dirty when we got it
what goes on a coffee break station?
cups, saucers, sugar caddies, spoons, spoon discard, regular and decaf signs, creamer, bev naps, drip trays
what is espresso?
strong coffee made by forcing hot water through freshly ground coffee
what is cappuccino?
espresso served with equal parts steamed milk and frothed milk
what is latte?
espresso with steamed milk and dollop of frothed milk
presentation for hot tea?
tea pot of boiling water, lemons, and tea bags on a salad plate with a bev nap
our coffee is from... why...
Counter Culture, they are local so our coffee is as fresh as possible
regular coffee is what blend?
organic from central and south america
decaf is what blend?
how much sugar is in one batch of sweet tea?
6 cups
a white grape from Burgundy, France, and California
dry white wine
herbal, spicy, tannic wine
similar to Cabernet, but lighter and less tannic
Pinot Noir...
full bodied and rich but not acidic or tannic
wine for chicken...
wine for salmon...
wine for steak...
cabernet or merlot
standard wine pour
5 oz
chairs in a stack?
11 more won't fit on elevator
8 ft table gets...
2 52x114
6ft gets...
85 folded in half
schoolie gets...
85 folded in half or felt
60"round gets...
2 85s with 8 points
48" round gets...
2 85s with 8 points
cocktail table gets...
2 85s with 8 points
half moons get...
85 folded in half
damaged chair treatment...
mark it somehow and set to side
how do we move podiums?
ALWAYS with cover
power outlets in Cladwell and HB are...
in the middle of the floor and on each column
frozen nutty irishman is...
layers of chocolate cake filled with an Irish Country Cream mousse and crushed English Toffee
rich chocolate cake is...
moist chocolate cake layered with sweet mocha cream and iced with ganache
Tiramisu is...
drunken sponge cake with whipped Marsala and sweet marscapone filling
what is Beurre Blanc sauce?
white wine butter sauce
arugula is...
leafy salad plant with a bitter aromatic peppery flavor
cured and aged italian ham
higher end salty bacon
the aromatic flavor of pesto is...
Parmesan chicken is...
pan-seared chicken breast, baked with bread crumbs and parmesan topped with herbed goat cheese, crispy fried capers, and a lemon garlic sauce
guest asks for blue cheese...
rare steak is...
cool red center, pink towards edges
medium rare is...
warm red center, brown towards edges
medium is..
hot pink center
medium well is...
grey/brown all the way through
well done is...
brown all the way through
________ tomato and ______ toasts
balsamic infused, marscapone