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Timing Basics
-there are 3 peaks on a balloon pump waveform
-#1, PSP, pts peak systolic BP
-#3, APSP, assisted pts systolic BP, which reflects unloading
-#2, is the highest peak, it follows the first peak or the PSP, it is the balloon doing is job
-the first goal of proper timing is to make sure that the assisted systole is lower than the pts own systole
Timing Basics cont
-after the dicrotic notch, which is the point at which the balloon inflates, the waveform shoots up
-this is the pressure generated in the aorta as the balloon inflates
-the inflation is happening during diastole, this high part of the waveform is called the augmented diastolic pressure ADP or the #2 peak
Balloon Aortic End Diastolic Pressure
-the lowest part of the waveform BAEDP
-this point should always be LOWER than the pts own diastolic pressure
-this is the second goal of proper timing, to lower diastolic resistance in the arteries
-with a machine set at a ration of 1:2, the assisted peak systolic BP should be lower than the pts systole
-the BAEDP should be lower than the patients diastole
Timing problems
-two bad timing problems are EARLY INFLATION and LATE DEFLATION
Early inflation
-the inflation knob id turned too far to the left, and the inflation wave comes before the dicrotic notch
-this means that the balloon is inflating before the aortic valve closes, pumping backwards into the left ventricle
-the inflation point (dicrotic notch) is way out ahead of where it ought to be
Late deflation
-is when the balloon remains inflated too long, the heart is trying to pump against an inflated balloon
-the deflation knob is turned too far to the right, it should be moved back towards the center
-make sure the BAEDP is lower than the pts diastolic pressure