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Year, Title and Importance of book that suggested that artists should fashion their talents to the service of the masses
Author: Tchernichovsky
The Relationship between Art and Reality
Led to formation of Ambulants/Wanderers
Definition: Ambulants and Wanderers
Social realists who rejected all foreign influence from the West and whose art dominated Russia until the mid 1870s
Birth year of Diaghilev
Era and Significance of Russian Decorative Revival
1880s-- Russian artists became reaquainted with folk arts through the establishment of art colonies in Abramtsevo and Talshinko
Art colonies were founded by?
J. A. Mamontov
Year and Name of art review edited by Diaghilev
1899 World of Art
Open to the art trends of the West, especially French Symbolists
Greatest passion was Russian
Fundamental doctrine of World of Art
Motto for World of Art
"art for art's sake"
"Art is free, life is paralyzed."
Year: Ballet Russes open
How did Diaghilev and Fokine meet?
Diaghilev was appointed assistant to the director of the Imperial Theatre; Diaghilev championed the reforms suggested by Fokine that the Imperial Theatre rejected.
Principal Dancers of first year of Ballet Russes
Vaslav Nijinsky, Anna Pavlova, Tamara Karsavina
Designers of Ballet Russes
Bakst, Bennois, Roerich
Where were the Ballet Russes presented?
Paris! Twenty seasons.
Early Ballets of Ballet Russes
Bonus if in order
1909-- Prince Igor, Cleopatre
1910-- Scheherazade and Les Orientales, FIREBIRD
1911--Spectre de la Rose, Petrouchka, Sadko, Narcisse
Importance of The Firebird and Year, Composer
1910-- first entirely Russian story ballet; Composer Stravinsky
Nijinsky choreographed which ballets (most famous ones at least)? When did he start?
1912-- Afternoon of a Faun (Debussy)
1913-- Rite of Spring
Who took over from Nijinsky as Diaghilev's major choreographer?
What was his debut?
Leonid Massine; La Soleil de Nuit
Picasso designed what ballet? Composer/Choreographer?
When was Italy the center of the arts?
15th and 16th centuries
When was Paris the center of the arts?
17th, 18th, and 19th
When was Imperial Russia the center of the arts? Why?
End of 19th Century
Peter the Great
means big
large theater in Moscow
more like a circus, large scale
Theatre where Petipa worked
Place where he taught
Maryinsky Theatre, refined style
Imperial Ballet School
What method did the Imperial Ballet function under?
Vaganova method-- highly technical; done by Petipa
Petipa is known as the
father of classical ballet
Petipa choreographed over __ ballets
Structure of a story ballet
Opening scene-- celebration
4 act and 3 act; one is ballet blanc
Always end in divertisements
Lev Ivanov
helped choreograph Swan Lake and Nutcracker
Margot Fonteyn
last Petipa Ballet
Maria Camargo
first dancer; raised hem of dress to display her footwork; began to do highly stylized court dances
Marie Taglioni
virgin ballerina, star of Romantic Ballet
very spiritual, unattainable
Author of quote: "to see what you are and be something totally different, and that requires magic"
George Ballantine
Star of "La Sylphide"
Nation of La Sylphide
Marie Taglioni
man playing a woman's role
First dancer en pointe
Marie Talgioni
How many ruffles are in a Russian tutu?
Name for dancer at peak of profession (female and male)
prima ballerina absoluta
primer dancer
White ballets were known as
Ballets Blancs
Pagan dancer
Fanny Elsner
people paid to clap
First "ballet" and star
Robert le Diable; Marie Taglioni
Composer of Giselle; star
Adolphe Adam; Carlotta Grisi
Members of the Pas de Quatre
Carlotta Grisi, Marie Taglioni, Lucille Grahn, and Fanny Cerrito
Five famous American ballet companies
ABT, New York, San Francisco, Joffrey, Houston
Star of what ballet with technical feat
Swan Lake; Black Swan Pas de Deux, Pierina Legnani, 32 fouettes
male in the pas de deux
credited with one act ballet; Les Sylphides; choreograph by subject matter
Les Nachts
Najinska, body positions
George Ballanchine was associated with what method? What company?
Neoclassicism; NY Ballet
Choreographers with ABT
Twyla Tharp, Agnes de Mille, Anthony Tudor
Company, Choreographer, Composer, and Stars of Romeo and Juliet
Royal Ballet, Kenneth MacMillan, Prokofiev, Nureyev, Fontayne
Modern dance choreographer focusing on different media
Louis Fouler
Modern dance choreographer; grandmother of modern dance
Isadora Duncan
Modern dance choreographer; didn't want men to be sissies anymore, dressed in costumes
Ruth St. Denis
Modern dance choreographer; choreographed "The Shakers"
Doris Humphrey