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What are Heartland Health's "Core Competencies"
Heartland Health has three Core Comptencies:

1 Deliver Best and Safest Care
2 Improve Individual Health
3 Improve Community Health
Describe Heartland Health's organizational strategies.
Heartland Health has FIVE organizational strategies

1) Employer of Choice
2) Exceptional Customer Service
3) Learn, Grow and Innovate
4) Benchmark for Quality
5) Improve Community Health
What individual enterprises (companies) are included within Heartland Health?
Hearland Health is comprised of FOUR entities:

1) Heartland Regional Medical Center
2) Heartland Clinic
3) Community Health Improvement Solutions (CHIS)
formerly Community Health Plan (CHP)
4) Heartland Foundation
Heartland’s Values:
Our vision and mission are achieved through our core values. List our core values:
1 Service
2 Respect
3 Honesty
Heartland’s Mission
To improve the health of individuals and communities located in the Heartland Health region
and provide the right care,
at the right time,
in the right place,
at the right cost
with outcomes second to none.
Heartland’s Vision:
To make Heartland Health and our service area the BEST and SAFEST place in America to receive health care
and live a HEALTHY PRODUCTIVE life
Heartland’s "HEART" Standards:
Thank You
Four Types of Knowledge we use:
•Knowledge needed to accomplish work
•Knowledge needed to improve processes
•Knowledge needed to improve programs and services
•Knowledge needed to innovate
Five Strategies that we use to achieve our goals:
•Employer of Choice
•Exceptional Customer Service
•Learn, Grow, Innovate
•Benchmark for Quality
•High value, available services
What method do we use to improve performance in the organization?

What is Innovation?
Innovation is a new way of doing something that is deliberate, creates positive change, and addresses an unmet customer need.
What is Knowledge Management?
It is the range of practices used in an organization to identify, create, represent, distribute, and enable adoption of insights and experience.
What is the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award?
The Baldrige Award was established by Congress in 1987 to enhance the competitiveness and performance of United States businesses. The award promotes excellence in organizational performance, recognizes the achievements and results of U.S. organizations, and publicizes successful performance strategies. The President of the United States presents the winner with this prestigious award.
What is my role during the site visit?
The Baldrige team will be here to get a better understanding of Heartland and they may want to talk to you! The questions are not scripted; no one knows what they may ask you. They will simply be checking to see if you have a basic understanding of concepts they feel are vital to the success of our organization. This is not a pop quiz, they simply want to know how your work (and you know your work best) contributes to the overall success of Heartland — speak from the heart. YOU ARE HEARTLAND and you will do a fantastic job representing your employer, coworkers and community.
HH utilizes three key systematic methods for
identifying and validating workforce and medical staff’s
engagement and satisfaction factors which are:
1 leadership rounding,
2 workforce and physicians surveys, and
3 workforce and Medical Staff focus groups and work teams.
key drivers that affect
workforce engagement and satisfaction
Participation (such as: Work Teams Process Improvement Methodologies, Communication Methods)
Job Fulfillment
(such as: Retention Levels, Competitive Rewards, Family-like Relationships, Orientation/Education, Recognition Programs)

Work Environment
(such as: State-of-the-Art Facilities, Supplies and Equipment, Technology)
(such as: Various Shift Lengths, Telecommuting, Staggered Start Times, Productivity & Labor Measures)
Key workforce segments
1 employees
2 volunteers
3 physicians
People Plan
Attract employees with the right capabilities and behaviors
Orientation and preceptor reinforce
New workforce members feel proud and engaged

Align individual unit and dept goals
Review results and mitigate issues
Track engagement & satisfaction and mitigate issues

Development and Learning
Reduce capability and behavior gaps
Ready workforce for innovation and change
Build skill for future needs
Recognize retain and grow best performers
Provide stretch assignments

Recognition and Rewards
Reward individual and organization success
Incentive and reward high performance
Leadership and other role succession planning
Reward I