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The sport Badminton originated in ___________.
British Army Officers bought Badminton to England in the ___________.
Late 1800s
The name "badminton" comes from the estate of ___________, home to the ___________ in Gloucestershire, England.
Badminton; Duke of Beaufort
I.B.F. stands for ___________.
International Badminton Federation
The name of the game played by British officers in India is ___________.
Sir George Thomas presented the ___________ similar to the Davis Cup in tennis) as the challenge for male members of the I.B.F.
Thomas Cup
Mrs. H.S. Uber donated the trophy bearing her name called the ____________ as a challenge for female members of the I.B.F.
Uber Cup
Badminton racquets are ____________ inches long.
Badminton racquets weigh approximately ____________ ounces.
The handle size of badminton racquets are usually _____ to _____ inches long.
The official name for the shuttle or bird made of goose feathers or nylon.
The court is _____ by _____ for singles.
17 x 44
The court is _____ by _____ for doubles.
20 x 44
Placing the racquet in front of the shuttle and letting it rebound back to the opponent's court.
An illegal stroke where the shuttle is temporarily held on the racquet.
A stroke hit diagonally across the net from one side of the court to the other.
Loss of serve brought about the server's failure to score. (Doubles = each side has two downs except in the first service of a game); Both partners serve before their opponents gains service.
An illegal stroke called when hitting the shuttle twice in succession on the same stroke.
Double Hit
A stroke in which the bird just clears the net then falls into the opponent's floor.
Drop Shot
A play on which the bird falls short, hits the net, or lands outside the playing area. (Serve goes to next server if committed by serving team; point to server if committed by receiving team).
Women's singles are played to 11 points; all other games are played to 15.
A bird hit high in the air to the back of the opponent's court with the purpose of driving the opponent into the back of the court.
High Clear
A side's turn at serving.
A situation occurs that halts the play, resulting in a "doesn't count," "no score," or "reserve"
1. Shuttle gets caught in net during play except on a serve
2. Server and receiver commit fouls at the same time.
3. Server serves before receiver is ready
4. Shuttle comes apart
Win two of three games
The act of putting the shuttle in play. The bird must be contacted below the waist with the head of the racquet below the hand holding the shuttle.
A hard, overhead stroke hit downward with great force; the "kill" shot.
Points may be scored by only the player on the ____________ side.
Each player continues to serve, ____________ courts until he/she commits an error.
In singles, on an error by the server, _____ points are scored and the opponent becomes the server.
Zero (0)
In doubles, on an error committed by the serving side, if the first server is serving, ____________ is called and no point is scored.
One down
On one down, the partner of the first server becomes the server. If the second server commits a foul, ____________ is tallied, no point is scored, and the opposing side becomes the server.
Two hands down
The first serve in every inning should be from the ____________ service court diagonally across the net to the opponent's right court (Serving to the wrong court is a fault)
A serve which touches the net and goes over into the diagonal court as well as a rally shot are ____________ as long as they fall within the legal boundary lines.
A bird falling on the line is ____________.
It is a ____________ if the server misses the bird on the serve.