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"Electronic Business" The organized effort of individuals to produce and sell, for a profit, goods and services that satisfy society's needs through the facilites available on the internet
Buying and selling activites conducted online
Conducted online
Revenue Stream
A source of revenue flowing into a firm
flowing source
World Wide Web
The internet's multimedia environment of audio, visual and text data
The internet's multimedia environment
Data that has been converted to a type of signal that the computers and telecommunications equipment that make up the internet can understand
Converted data
Small online magazines
Business Model
A group of shared charateristics and behaviors in a business situation
Shared characteristics
Business-to-Business (B2B) Model
Firms that conduct business with other businesses
Business-to-Consumer Model (B2C)
Firms that focus on conducting business with individual buyers
Individual buyers
Computer Viruses
Software codes that are designed to disrupt normal computer operations
Control of content ownership
Content control
Convergence of Technologies
The overlapping capabilities and the merging of products and services into one full intergrated interactive system
Merging of products and services
Online Communities
Groups of individuals or firms that want to exchange information, products or services over the internet
groups that exchange information