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Capsule surrounding bacillus anthracis (rod shaped)is composed of...
poly D-Glutamic acid
Which stain is used to visualize bacillus anthracis capsule?
Indian Pink particle stain.

These particles will be excluded by the bacillus anthracis capsule.
Where are following antigens found? K, O, H
K antigen - Capsule
O antigen - Outer portion of LPS
H antigen - Flagella
Describe the qualities of following growth media?

Simple, Complex, Enriched, Selective, Differential
Simple-Chemically define
Complex - Chemical composition not known
Enriched - With specific growth element to grow tough to grow bacteria
Selective - Grow a specific kind and while supress others.
Differential - To differentiate between similar organisms
How does penicillin work?
Works on carboxypeptidase and transpeptidate to inhibit synthesis of peptidoglycan cross-links.
Bacteria gain resistance to Penicillin via...

Cleaves b-lactame ring of penicillin.
How does Bacitracin work?
Inhibits dephosphorylation and recycling of C55 - Inhibiting PPG synthesis.
How does cycloserine work?
Blocks racemization of L-ala to d-ala. Hence, no dala-dala linkage and no proper PPG.
How does Vancomycin work?
Binds d-ala-dala and blocks transpepdiation.
What is cephalosporin?
Resistant to beta-lactamase. Can be given to patients with penicillin allergy.
What is minimum Inhibitory conc (MIC) and Minimum Bactericial Conc (MBC)?
MIC - Minimum cocn required to inhibit bacterial growth.

MBC - Minimum conc required to kill bacteria (10^2 decrease in numbers)
What are aminoglycosides?
Bind to 30S ribosomal subunit and inhibit protein synthesis.

DO NOT WORK on strict anaerobes. Because they require oxidative metabolism to gain access.
Give some examples of Aminoglycosides?
G-STicK (suffix "mycin" - not exclusive)

Gentamycin, Streptomycin, Tobramycin, Kanamycin